Wednesday 10 October 2012


Better late than never but better.......Won't bother finishing the quote, you know what I mean.
Didn't think I could join in with Julia's weekly massooma desk hop but I've just flung my current project on the desk and snapped a photo so here it is.

No progress yet, well I only bought the wool at the weekend taking my StepD to our local wool shop to escape the kids, dogs and general birthday chaos in our house on Saturday morning before returning for Mr B and Gson's joint birthday party.

Never knitted socks before so this is a bit of a challenge, the firt bit being to understand the instructions on the free pattern, talk about complicated!!!!  Still I'm a woman so capable of mastering anything so I'm sure I'll be OK when I get going - will share progress next week.

In the meantime, in true Blue Peter fashion (very old kid's TV programme for our friends from across the seas) 'here's one I prepared earlier....

Not knitting but stamping, what a surprise. A closer look at the pages I did for an on-line swap last week.

The Acey Duecy stamp on the right is my all-time favourite oriental stamp - wish my backview was like that, it was once, many moons ago boo hoo.

See you next week.


MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I have knitted all my life, but I have never had the patience to do socks. Having had cats for most of that time may have had something to do with that, four needles and three cats on my lap does not really work.
Have a good week. xx Maggie #88

JoZart Designs said...

Gorgeous pages Ann! look forward to seeing your progress with the socks. Are you using multi needles or a circular one. It's years since I turned a heel.... or an eye for that matter!!!
Chantilly in Hoylake isn't a cake shop... it's a proper cafe and serves really good meals too, the cakes are a bonus. Well worth a visit.
Fort Perch Rock in New Brighton was a coastal defence set up durinig the Napoleonic wars and is now a museum... take a look at this link...
Love Jo x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ann, I'm not really here this week - I didn't even bother to throw something on my desk :) I remember learning to turn a heel and shape the toes in knitting lessons at primary school - that's even before my back was like that and, yes, boohoo - where did my glory days go! Have a good week. Elizabeth xx

Annie said...

Fab pages Ann. Good luck with the knitting.
A x #68

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, love your Oriental pages - I've been looking at mine, too - feels like a time for starting some things again... good luck with the socks. That's one thing I've never knitted myself and never fancied, either - I thought Circular needles were a big enough step to master but I really enjoyed using those x

Neet said...

Great to have you joining in, especially after your busy weekend. Hope all went well.
Socks, knitting? I did those first year at the Grammar School - never again! Didn't understand turning the heel then and won't now. Good luck.
Like the wool.
Hugs, Neet 29 xx

Twiglet said...

Good luck with the sock knitting - I am afraid I have never tried to do it but always in my head I think... Life's too short to knit a sock. lol x Jo

BJ said...

Well I think my back view is JUST like that - with a huge derriere! Not opened my Timmy goodies yet - not my best this week :( woke with bad stomach at 2.30am and posted link!! Thanks for stopping by BJ#23

Daniella said...

Those pages are gorgeous!!
And happy birthday to your son!!

Tamika said...

Its the perfect time to knit socks my house is feeling a bit cold! Thanks for stopping by Ann and the big purple glass that's my iced coffee have to have it when I am creating and gum! LOL! Tamika #14

kay said...

have fun with the socks :)
have a great woyww
kay #48

Redanne said...

Hi Ann, love that wool for the socks, I used to quite like turning the heel but not sure I would remember how to do it now! Love your oriental pages and yes a back like that would be nice to have again, if only briefly.......Happy WOYWW, Anne x #57

Hettie said...

Ahh Ann! Let me know how you get on...I need some new Highland socks, nothing complicated...either argyle or aran!!
Lovely pages there too!

VonnyK said...

I love your pages, the colours are fabulous. Anyone who can knit is a winner in my books, I'm hopeless.
Have a great week.
Von #18

Bridget Larsen said...

Goodluck, I have never knitted socks either, it looks too delicate and I would see all my flaws and holes and dropped stitches. Dont forget to show us when its done
Bridget #4

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Ann
good luck with the socks, I knit a lot but have only ever knitted one sock I never did finish the other one:(
The stamp you liked on my blog was a free stamp on a do craft creative magazine ... but sometime ago, you might still be able to get it at some shops that keep back copies
janet #49

Anonymous said...

Lovely sock wool you've chosen Ann, a really good brand too. The socks aren't hard if you take them in stages (which was the best advice I was given). IE, knit the rib and the the leg, then only attempt the heel flap if you're fresh, not tired, and have time to complete it. Same with the side gussets. If they're all taken in stages it's not intimidating and can be done in manageable chunks, reading the entire pattern all at once is too much to get your head around, trust me on this! There are some good videos on You Tube (which I watched), but shout if you get stuck!!

My email is ginettag1572 at yahoo dot com.

Brenda 1