Friday 15 March 2013

....and not a stamp in sight.

Very unusual for me but I have just finished the card for my niece's 21st birthday card and didn't use a single stamp.  She is a very 'girlie' young woman, loves pink and I had run out of ideas (and had few suitable stamps that she hadn't seen before so out came the pretty papers, pearls, photos and die-cuts (another thing I forget I have) and here is the result.

I do like pink and green together - reminds me of apple-blossom.  Butterfly die was borrowed from a friend and I 'scattered' pearls around and added a couple of metal corners.  Found some peel-off borders at the back of the cupboard and edged the paper with them.

Here's the inside view.

Oops, just realised that I lied in the post title as I did use a stamp, one of Art From the Heart 'sentiments which seemed to suit Sophie down to the ground (or to the shoes).

She is getting a cheque to go with it and a gift bag full of sweets as a new sweet shop has opening in town and she likes 'Nerds' and 'Millions (whatever they are) so I got a load of those plus some other stuff I have never heard of.

Calling round tomorrow morning to wish her a very happy birthday then back to have a play in my journal and I can promise you that there will be lots, and lots of stamps involved in that - and no peel-offs.


fairy thoughts said...

Ah this is lovely Ann i like pink and green together, makes me think of spring too.

tilly said...

someones going to love this 21st card lol.....fab colours and layout

JoZart Designs said...

The card is really so special. There is no reason that it HAS to have stamping on it and it has come together so well.
I hope your niece has a wonderful birthday.
jo x

Anonymous said...

Lovely card Ann. A real keepsake.
Hope all is well.
Hugs, Florence x

chrissie said...

A very lovely girlie card and I am sure your niece will be thrilled with it.

Love Chrissie xx

Redanne said...

A really beautiful card for a very special day, love the pink! Hope your back is 'back' to normal now! Hugs, Anne x

Hettie said...

Oh Ann. This is sooo pretty and very girlie girleie!

Almo said...

Hi Ann, Sometimes we need to switch from the norm and do something different and your card is a very pretty card which I am sure will be well received. I like pink & green too nice and fresh. Hope your back is a little better. Have a great day Hugs Mo x

Anonymous said...

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