Tuesday 13 September 2011

More photos and a tale of coincidences (or a coincidence of tails)

Sharing a couple more holiday photos, more owls especially for JoZart but first I have to tell you a 'small world' story.
In Conwy on Sunday I left Mr B with Sorrel whilst I wandered round the food fair (how unusual is that?).  When I went back he was talking to a women who had stopped him to ask what sort of dog Sorrel was.
She had seen us three times that day and because Sorrel was very much like her own dog she had to ask.  Conversation went something like this: -
What sort of dog is she?
Yorkie Bichon cross.
Oh so is mine, how old?
Oh, so is mine, we got her from Sandbach
So did we.
Turns out they are from the same litter, unfortunately her dog (Derek) had been left at home for the day so we had to make do with looking at photos on her mobile.
So we had to go to Wales on the week when the food fair was on, decide to go to Conwy that day and she had to travel in from further up the valley notice the similarities in dogs and come over to speak to us - strange coincidences.

A few more photos then.

First a tawny owl

and a teeny-weeney owl.  Not actually called that but I think it should be - and I can't remember it's real name, only that it is from Asia.

This was our home for the week, so snug.

Have to show you the inside - it was a converted cowshed and they used the machinery you can see to grind the cattle food - how steampunk is that?

 Conwy from across the river.

and just to prove I have done something crafty this week heres a piece of the silk I coloured with the Setasilk.  I'm still experimenting with the microwave time as I think I overcooked it a bit so will try on a lower temperature.  Have also had a go at stamping it with Archival as I'm not  sure what inks to use - seems to work OK.
Can see me having lots of fun with this.


JoZart Designs said...

Such a coincidence re Sorrel! Thanks so much for the oooh! and Aaaah! at the owls.
Gorgeous holiday cottage and I love that area. Did you get to Llandudno and the big bargain craft shop there on Mostyn Street?
The silk dying looks afab too.
Love Jo x

cockney blonde said...

What a coincidence with the doggies. Love the owl piccies. I also love the as I think they look so magnificent. Also our Scottish grandee, Rose, loves owl. How cute for a soon to be 3 year old, x