Wednesday 21 September 2011

Whats on Your Workspace Wednesday - 120

Well it's Wednesday again, the day when half the crafting world have a good nosey around what the other half are up to, thanks to Julia at Stamping Ground.  Bit of an expensive week this week but not on stamps, or inks, well apart from the seasonal distress inks I have on order.  It was vets on Monday to have Sorrel weighed and get her worming tablet, dentists yesterday for my check-up and hairdressers this afternoon for my highlights - guess which one I wasn't looking forward to?  Correct!  Why do dentists always ask you questions when they have both hands in your mouth?

Don't know if it was the worming tablet but my doggy wasn't at all well Monday afternoon, very lethargic so we spoiled her even more than normally, bringing her food on a little plate and lots of cuddles - how mad are we.  She was off all day but back to her normal hyper-self yesterday.

So, apart from spending yet more money on ink pads what have I been up to?  Made a few cards, couple of bookmarks, one of which you have already seen, and started to think about a Stampboard swap I am signed up for.  So far I have only got as far as getting out my Stampboard pieces and looking at them but inspiration will hit me - I hope.

Here's my desk this week.

New Tesco extra opened yesterday and was packed (or so I hear).  I left the madding crowds to it - and their free bag, toast loaf and bag of crisps - and went this afternoon.  Couldn't believe they had a mini craft shelf with this great canvas covered sketchbook.  Have been saying for ages that I want to try an art journal - or my version of one so, reader, I bought it.

The stamps came all the way from China on a parcel for Mr B - he makes plastic model cars (an even more expensive, hobby than mine but takes up a 20th of the room)

The frame, from Ikea, has been sitting in a corner for 12 months or more so I thought I would get it out and dust it down.  Did think about tarting it up and entering the Crafty Individuals challenge for September as a hanging thing but I may not have time.  In which case it will go back in the corner for another few weeks, on the other hand you may just see it on here next week, fully refurbished, we will see.


Jennibellie said...

Defiantly try art journaling Ann you'll love it, therapy and creativity in one (though I guess to most of us they are one and the same anyhow hey?) But your comment over at Julias left me breathless - I say do an art journal jut so you can use all you paper scraps on them all by collaging them onto the background, it would be a great way to get started, I still often do it now. (Or second suggestion is - give them all to me hehe) thanks for sharing, think ill be popping over to tescos now to check out this art shelf :)

ScrappnBee said...

Art journal is still on my would like to try...if I ever caught up with the scrapping list. The rest sounds live a lot of fun to play with! Hope the puppy is feeling better! Happy WOYWW!-Amanda

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You've had a busy week!! Hope Sorrel is fit and well now :) I think the picture frame should definitely be tinkered with, don't put it back in the corner!! xx

Neil said...

Thanks for sharing your space this week, I enjoyed visiting and hope you have a fabulous rest of the week.

Susanne said...

Just a single frame sitting in the corner, I'm afraid I have a whole bin of alterables that need my attention. Maybe in October, huh?

cockney blonde said...

A very creative looking workspace Ann. I'm so glad you didn't get any of your appointments mixed up...worming tablets, lol, x

Fuchsia said...

I havent got into that yet but thinking about it !
nice work space

Anonymous said...

Stamps from China, took me ages to find them! What I found was not what I was expecting to find, lol! Looks like you've got lots of things to keep you busy, glad Sorrel is back to her bouncy self.

Brenda 88

donnalouiserodgers said...

can;t wait to see what you do with your 'finds'


JoZart Designs said...

I hope you've got your house box painted and ready for next week's workshop, never mind that frame for now! Those clear stamps came from Llandudno, I bet... Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen's range methinks?
Love Jo x

Tertia said...

Some lovely things lurking on your desk this week. I wish I could come over for a playdate.

Neet said...

Not long before we meet up Ann. Great purchases this week for you. Hope Sorrel keeps well for you. Sorry I am not posting much of a comment but am on holiday and the internet comes and goes in the hotel. hugs, Neet x

Cardarian said...

I am just starting art journaling but haven't figured out yet which path I will follow! I am interested to see what you will do! Nice bit of stash there!