Saturday 11 February 2012

Arty Hearts - journal page

Playday yesterday so I took the opportunity of looking for challenges and plumped (I just love some words) for the latest Craft Barn Art Journal challenge which is hearts - and what you love/like.
Got our my ,very, new Portfolio oil pastels (the are water soluble - how do they do that?), a couple of old favourites from my stamp stash, few paints, stencils, krylon pen and a couple of sheets of paper to make my own heart and wing stencils.

This is the result.

This is only my third journal page and the composition is not quite there but I loved. loved doing it, and that's the whole point, isn't it?

Background sprayed with dilute Fresco Finish paints, then I added the oil pastels before zapping with the heat gun to embed them - I like the blended black round the edges.  Cut out a heart and sprayed through then added more deep red oil pastel which I blended with my fingers.  More spray through sequin waste, Krylon on the hearts, stamped and Bob's your uncle, and mucky (and very red)  are your fingers.  Just finished before the weekly Tesco trip and I'm sure the checkout woman thought I was a mass murderer, at least I didn't have glitter in my hair, that would have thrown her.

So that is my entry for my first journal challenge, and probably the nearest I will get to making a valentine card for Mr B this year - just going to show him the page and give him a kiss instead.


Lynne Moncrieff said...

Fabulously arty!!! Wonderful, intense colours.

Elizabeth said...

Great page - those hearts are terrific. Chuckling at the thought of your checkout woman's reaction to your red stained fingers :)) Elizabeth x

Cath Wilson said...

Love it, Ann - the edges are fab and the colours wonderful. Must have a go at this although I'm not a big heart fan, lol. Really fancy those Portfolio pastels, too - too many things and too little time. Keep it up - you're a natural!

Karen said...

This is gorgeous and I love the colours you have worked with, it looks fab, Luv Karen xx

Gio said...

You're totally right! It's the best thing about art journaling.

Lovely page, by the way!

Thanks for joining us at CraftBarn

Brenda Brown said...

Wow, fabulous journal page Ann. Great use of colour and materials, you must be thrilled with this.
Have a great Sunday.
hugs {brenda} xox

Scrapmate said...

I love the colours on this, it's a great page and you had a good time doing it - what more could you ask for?

Neet said...

What a great idea for Mr B's valentine this year - is Sorrel going to get the same treatment?
Not heard of Portfolio Pastels so need to investigate as you have got such great results. Lovely page, I too like the blended black on the edges.
Hugs, Neet xx

Kim Dellow said...

Ooo I love that! Gorgeous! Kim

hazel said...

Wonderful page Ann, the colours are fabulous and I love the hearts.
xxx Hazel.

Unknown said...

Lovely work ... that border is gorgeous!

Ephemera said...

Hi Ann, loving your journal page it is gorgeous and vibrant and love the faces in the hearts. XX

Cocofolies said...

Very original and lovely page !! xx

Birgit said...

What an awesome page. Love the right border.

Izzy said...

yup, the whole point is for you to enjoy what you do. And if we love it too, that's even better ;)
Which I do :)
great page, thanks for entering the challenge