Friday 17 February 2012

Different styles

Lots of people have their own, distinctive style and you can spot a piece of art by them straight away.  Afraid I'm still looking for mine as if there is such a thing as a butterfly with a very low boredom threshold that's me.  I flit from one thing to another, not that there is anything wrong with that, if we don't try we don't learn, but it does mean I have an enormous pile of craft stuff.  Nothing wrong with that either - if you have the space to go with it - note to self: get a bigger house.

Yesterday I played with two completely different styles.  The first was on a birthday card for my sister (next Monday).  I am terrible at making cards to 'order' and will do anything rather than sit down and 'make a card for....', would much rather play, see what happens and then find a person it suits.

Anyway, I made myself sit down, decide on a stamp and colours and then, like Topsy, it grew - into this.

It's in the 'pretty' style using a Time To Stamp image I bought years ago at my first visit to the Happy Stampers show at Port Sunlight.  The Paris word, pearls and Eiffel Tour are from a cheap charm necklace from Primark.

Totally different now as I set to work on the panel I coloured using my Portfolios.  Had blended the background and stamped, then stopped to decide what was next.  Used a Paperartsy Mini and marker pens before deciding I didn't like her spooky green face so added a separately stamped and coloured (again Portfolios) panel to the centre.
Here's the before .....

and the after.........
She looks a little healthier on this.

No playing today - Friday is cleaning day, the washer is on and Sorrel and I are just our for our morning walk. well I walk and she runs round like a whirling dervish, fills my heart with joy to watch her.

Have a good weekend everyone, hope the snow stays away.


Ephemera said...

A whole day cleaning no no no it's wrong LOL! Love both your projects, the vintage card is so pretty, the second is stunning, love how you've framed your image with the swirly stamps. We sound very similar (apart from the cleaning!) I haven't really a style either and I get bored so easily and leave a lot of projects unfinished. XX

Von said...

Sometimes we just have to do the pretty thing when the mood takes us lol two lovely makes :)
Von x♥x


Lynne Moncrieff said...

Completely different but I have to say I think both are equally fabulous.
The first, the way you created the frame and it is so elegant and the second is wonderfully arty with a riot of amazing colours.

Jennibellie said...

I think every one feels the 'lack of style' thing, but then when we do something in the same vein as another project we go 'oh no, now everything looks the same'. Both of these are gorgeous so don't worry about style, nor the big pile of craft stuff - I bet you anything my house is smaller, yet I still manage to get every single art & craft material I want to fit in there lol much love, off to walk my pup now :) x

Cath Wilson said...

H'mm, much prefer the second one, Ann. Love the first one, too. It's great to be versatile and to be able to turn your hand to many things and whatever you make is always wonderful x

Morti said...

Seems you and I are of a similar ilk! Both absolutely gorgeous cards Ann! Mind you - I prefer a card to order if I know the person well, cos it requires very little mojo....

Thanks for stopping by.

Neet said...

I really enjoy when you talk about Sorrel, the love shines from your words.
Two great cards, I love how the second one evolved. You are obviously enjoying your new colouring medium.
Hugs, Neet xx

Brenda Brown said...

Both fabulous creations Ann. Like you I love to play and experiment, although people tell me I have a style - don't recognise it.
Have a lovely weekend.
hugs {brenda} xox

hazel said...

Brilliant pieces of work Ann.
xxx Hazel.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I totally appreciate your different styles. It is something most people don't consider. I love the stamp of the face. It is one of my favorite stamps.

You asked about removing pages from the AB. FORGET I said anything about removing the pages around the signature center seams, and let's just start with the beginning of the book. Remove three pages (at most), skip three pages, remove three pages, skip three pages, etc. If by chance you land on the center of a signature, remove these because they will be double pages. When you cut or tear the page from the book, both sides of the seam will be freed. That was the only reason I suggested removing those pages first. I hope that helps, but if not, please let me know and I'll take a few photos. Sorry I don't have a video camera.