Tuesday 10 April 2012

Altered Book lesson 4

Bit late getting round to this as we have had family of one shape or another for the last 10 days so I haven't been able to get my fingers mucked up until today. All gone now so time for some 'me' time and to continue with lesson 4 of Elizabeth's **FREE** on-line AB class.

Lesson 4 was glue and gesso and our homework (how long is it since I did any homework?) was to experiment with glue and that counts as special permission to get completely gunged up and inky-fingered - well it does to me.

So out with the glue stick, white glue, gel medium and gesso and get sticking.

Finished that one - four sets of pages stuck together and results duly noted.  Best were the gel medium and (a surprise to me) the gesso.  Would never have thought of gesso as an adhesive but it worked a treat.

Here are my results - not all of them that would be very boring for you but the tags peeping out down the side prove I did use all four glues.

Next bit was much more fun -  gesso  a double spread and use as a glue to add in some page elements.

I added some napkins to the wet gesso.

Then I went on to add some more gesso over the top, a bit of ink and some butterfly images cut from a poster, free in a Sunday mag, that I have been saving for a couple of years 'just in case'.
Here's the final page.

Not perfect but then I just went for it.  Lesson 5 is on Design Principles and after reading it today I realise the balance and proportion of my page are not right - I may do a similar spread for lesson 5 showing what I have learned.

Lastly I had a go at one of Elizabeth's bonuses (do anything for extra brownie points) and used gesso (my new love) as a resist.  I had a scrap of metal card left over from some butterfly die-cuts so used that as a stencil, sponged gesso through the holes and when dry sprayed mica sprays over.  The gesso resists the ink and you can wipe it off.  Have not put it in my book yet but it is stashed away with all my other bits for later.


Lynne Moncrieff said...

You are just having the most fun, aren't you?

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hi Ann! You did a super job with the glue experiments! I like how you lined up your tags & color co-ordinated them with the pages.

The gesso page with the butterflies is so pretty, too!

BJ said...

Ann - super job, I adore butterflies so your main page is wonderful to me. Love how you used the napkin, assume it had the butterfly designs on?? Well done on keeping the poster - just the ticket. Then the lovely floaty page of blues and purples and gesso butterflies - how absolutely dreamy. Love your work. Any idea as to how to pronounce "Gesso"? Is it a hard of soft "G"? BJ

Brenda Brown said...

Fabulous art work Ann. I love the techniques you are using and the butterflies are fabulous (of course!!).
hugs {brenda} xox

Von said...

Your getting on well with your book :) the gesso looks wonderful to me :)
Von x♥x

Redanne said...

Welcome back to blogland Ann, you have been missed. I have some Gesso but never used it so might give it a try. All the butterflies are just stunning.

SandeeNC said...

Fabulous job on the 2 page spread using gesso, I love the butterfly napkins you used, such a pretty page! I love seeing everyone's progress, this class ROCKS! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am in LOVE with your "bonus" page. It is fantastic. You definitely get an A+ for this assignment!

Karen said...

Oh Ann, your page is so beautiful with the butterflies! Its lovely to see what someone else has done with paper napkins...they give a lovely texture don't they? Well done with your gesso page too, really pretty! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne. Fantastic work.
Regards Florence x

Sherry said...

Love that final page with the napkin Ann - it looks great to me. I've learned alot about Gesso from this workshop too - and your resist butterfly piece is brilliant!