Wednesday 23 May 2012


Didn't think I would be able to join in this week with Julia's massive blog hop - see Stamping Ground if you're new to this global phenomenon - as it has been a busy week for me.  Not only that but a strange glowing thing has been in the sky the past few days, someone said it is our annual week of summer so I have been making the most of it, and doing a bit of gardening.

I managed to squash in a bit of playing getting ready for the ATC swap but only early stages - making backgrounds.
So many of you shared neat and tidy desks last week you inspired me to turn over a new leaf, well for this week at least, so I tidied all the stamps and papers away, dug out my Ecoline inks and some coated card stock and got messy.  Then as a complete contrast I practised some tiny roses from rolled book pages.  I have done these with ribbon before this was a first attempt with paper.

Here's a closer look at the roses and a few of the layered backgrounds,

and this is a nice, surprise by-product from the session, some colourful paper towels ready to dry out and add to my collection of backgrounds.

Another reason I thought I wouldn't be able to join in was my little dog Sorrel wasn't 100% yesterday.  Fine first thing on her walk but when we got back home she was obviously in pain, reluctant to move and licking her foot.  Couldn't see anything, no foreign bodies or cuts so I thought it was a pulled muscle and left her to rest but it lingered and she looked so sad I rang the vets. Half and hour later she was running around as normal and made a miraculous recovery.  So pleased she is OK - no-one told me having a dog would cause me so much worry - but also so much sheer joy.

Happy WOYWW everyone, lets hope the sun continues to shine for the next few weeks as I'm off to watch the Olympic torch relay next Thursday and I have a feeling we may be waiting a while if the crowds in the early stages are anything to go by.


Anonymous said...

Morning Ann. Pleased to hear Sorrel is ok. FAB-ulous backgrounds. Even the paper towels look amazing. Cant wait to see what you make with those.
Regards Florence xx

Lisa said...

Enjoy the weather, we are off in a mo to watch the torch pass thru the next village:D have fun
Happy WOYWW day
Lisa #16

Lynn Holland said...

Good morning Ann
Its great when you get a by product offsome other work, I get it with bits of card left over from cutting up larger pieces. I keep the tiniest scraps they all get used in one way or another.
Hello to little Sorrel too.
Lynn 48
One I Made Earlier Today

sandra de said...

Lovely backgrounds and gorgeous colours on your paper towel. Almost too good to through out!
Sandra @57

Unknown said...

Hi Ann,
I can relate to the pooch thing having two of the critters myself.
They seem to wait until you've paid heaps at the vet then they come good.
Happy WOYWW 155

Annie said...

Really love the fab colours you've used for your ATcs.
A x #62

Helen said...

Love those papers you've coloured for your ATC's. have a great day, Helen, 17

Helen said...

Love those papers you've coloured for your ATC's. have a great day, Helen, 17

BJ said...

Great backgrounds and LOVING the little paper roses, must have a go at those, any tips? BJ#24

Redanne said...

Glad to hear that Sorrel was fine in the end. Our neighbour says her puppy is like have another member of the family (a baby without the nappies as she says). Your papers look amazing, love the colours and great job on those little roses, they are lovely. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #18

Anonymous said...

Oh Ann, having a pet is like having a new baby isn't it!!Still, they give us so much joy it is worth it!
I'll be doing more backgrounds etc like on the video with sprays etc. love doing faces, and these are so fluid(P.P's).They hardly make any mess.
At the moment our puss is wrapped up in a blanket.She makes little noises which means she'd like to be covered up thanks! We don't spoil her- not much!!!

Carin Winkelman said...

Your background papers are gorgeous. I love the colors and effects. I also had to smile about your comment on the sun, seems that a lot of woyww people are seeing it for the first time in a long time. ;-)

Neesie said...

SUN!!! Gardening!!! come on what's going on there?
You'll be thinking you're heading into summer next!
Have to say you're little roses look amazing. How clever and delicate.
So pleased that Sorrel has recovered. Mufftypup suddenly stopped walking a few months ago and wasn't a happy pup for a day or turned out that she had her knee pop out of the socket but a few more days rest and after the vets tweak she was back to herself.
She's just been for another visit today actually, but only for her MOT. She was a nervous wreck, shaking and hiding but that's her sorted for another year hopefully ^..^
I notice you hit my follower button earlier so thank you...I'm thrilled.
Happy WOYWW ~ have fun!

Bridget Larsen said...

wOW i LOVE YOUR atcs already, I hope I am in the right position to get one of yours or if you get enough going and have a spare would love to swap with you
Bridget #12

Anonymous said...

LOL! How funny we are both playing with paper towels! They do make fab backgrounds, don't they. Have fun getting inky!

Happy Woyww from Mary Anne (1)

JoZart Designs said...

Fab backgrounds and your paper towel would also make excellent crumpled flowers. I'm panicking now to get mine ready before I'm off once again on my travels to my far off DDs.
Pleased Sorrel is ok again...
Love JoZarty x

Jacqueline said...

Just be glad you don't have a cat! They REALLY know how to twist you round their little paws! lol ! Glad your little dog is ok though.

Love those backgrounds! I may just have a wee go this afternoon. The teenager is off out with his mates seeing as we have our annual week of summer in Scotland lol!

Thanks for sharing,


Jackie #98

MvM-design said...

Love the backgrounds!
Happy WOYWW Wednesday!!
Quickly to the next desk ;-)
Hugs Marleen #19

sandysewin said...

Oooooo, your backgrounds are gorgeous and the roses lovely. And even the paper towels are amazing. :-)

How cool that you'll get to see the torch relay. I'll be thinking of all my internet friends over there in the UK while I'm watching the Olympics.

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #129

Inkypinkycraft said...

The inky backgrounds look fab!! Cannot wait to see what you make! Hugs trace x 35

Laura said...

Your backgrounds look amazing!
Pleased to hear Sorrel is OK, you do go through ti with them don't you?!
Laura 138

CraftygasheadZo said...

Such fab backgrounds. Hope you enjoy seeing the torch, it's been around here for the last few days, and all I can say is get there early if the turnout is like it has been round these parts! Take care and enjoy this sunny & warm WOYWW. Zo xx 80

kassa said...

Your backgrounds are very vibrant and cheery, and yes tiggers are villainous ,adorable lumps of cuddly love. I wouldn't be without mine.

Lynn Holland said...

popped by again to say I am going to my friends on Saturday to do a stamping workshop as it is not something i do, but wanted to give it ago.
Check out my blog to see what happens.
Kind regards from another Lancashire Lass.
Lynn 48
One I Made Earlier Today

SandeeNC said...

I am so glad Sorrel is feeling better, it's hard to know what's wrong and it does make one worry so! I hope you post some pictures of the torch relay, never been close enough to actually see one before! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Unknown said...

Your inks are simply delicious! I would love to try making the little roses too. Have a wonderful time watching the relay--how fun! Thank you for your visit and kind comment as well. Isn't it so nice when the sun finally shines? Happy WOYWW!

May said...

So glad to hear wee Sorrel is ok... bless her!! love the background you have created fabulous colours... looking foward to seeing your ATC'S Hugs May x x x#30

Neet said...

Oh dear, it is worse than having a baby isn't it, we worry so much about our little fur babies. Glad she is ok.
Olympic flame - 6 am here in Bolton - not sure!
Love your backgrounds and the roses.
Hugs, Neet #25 xx (playing catch up as usual)

Sandy said...

Love all the colors you have going on there so bright and pretty. Sandy :) #92

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Phew, glad Sorrel is fighting fit again - it's awful when pets are ill :( The Olympic torch came through Marlborough today, the crowds were bonkers. But it's getting really exciting now,I'm so looking foward to the Games!
Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

okienurse said...

awesome lot of bright colors there. love those layered backgrounds. Hate to hear your fur baby wasn't well. I think they can be like children and learn how to play us sometimes! Have a great week. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Vickie #28

Queenie Jeannie said...

LOVING your inky backgrounds!! How do you do those?? So pretty!

Jeannie #75

VonnyK said...

I love those backgrounds, they will make fabulous ATC's. What a fab piece with the paper towel, who would have thought.
I think pets are more worry than kids some days, glad yours is okay now.
I think you have our sun over there as it is pouring and dark here.
Have a great week and enjoy watching the torch relay, my father in law carried the torch in the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
Von # 22

Chris Stern / CS Designs said...

Wow, these are fabulous backgrounds. I love the rich colors and makes me want to play with ink.
:) Chris / CS Designs

PS, Hope little Sorrel is doing better.