Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WOYWW 156 - Happy anniversary


What's on your workspace?  Easy to answer this week - ATCs of course in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of What's On Your Workspace Wednesday, the weekly global blog hop that, just like Topsy, grew and grew.

So, a pile of ATCs, of course, stamps and envelopes.  I made quite a few so am hoping I can get a few people to swap with me as well as doing the 'next on the list' swap.  I already have three people who have said they will swap but I have lots ready to go to good homes - or even wickedly naughty homes.

If you want to swap then you can email via my Profile page and I will get back to you with my address.

Also on the desk, new Pan Pastels, yes, I gave in and bought a few - as if I needed any more colouring mediums, but then what's money for if not for spending, and Neet put me on to a very good deal.  Only three showing there, the rest are hidden behind all the Distress Inks.  Not had time to have a proper play but I did make a couple of backgrounds for ATCs and then had a play yesterday with the three colours you see and an eraser - to make the lines on the cards bottom left.  They blend beautifully and are super-rich colours so I'm pleased with the results.

Short(ish) post this week in the true spirit of WOYWW so a big thanks to Julia for hosting this great blog hop and I raise my glass to say 'here's to many more years' (well I would raise a glass if the sun was over the yardarm - whatever that means - so I'll just raise my porridge bowl instead.)


BJ said...

WOW Ann - what a great pile. I heard you were giving Redanne some tips as she has a great pile too - LOL BJ#40

Claire said...

oooh! what a busy, busy desk!! and i think i'm the person below you on the list :)
no. 59

Doone said...

can you email me your 'proper' addie so I can mail you an anniversary ATC?

As you know mine s a wicked place very much in need of a redeeming ATC.

Dxxx ( eighty something)

Claire said...

hi ann - i couldn't open your email on your profile page to send you my snailmail... can you send it to me at claire[dot]sauer[at]ntlworld[dot]com?
many thanks :)

Neet said...

Ooh you have been busy with the atc's and you have been using PP's as well. They look rather nice - scrummy in fact. As usual I have gone a bit overboard buying them and still doing so - now got a 20 tray to fill.
See you Saturday.
Hugs, Neet xx 16/19 whichever

JoZart said...

Happy 3rd WOYWW Birthday! Great to be part of this wonderful fun group!
All is revealed on the blogs of Neet and I this week and also of the certain lady from Oz about our jaunt. Great fun all thanks to WOYWW!
Love all the creations on your desk... I've made 15 ATCs and will just do a drwa from regular contacts so hope you get one!
Lots of love JoZarty x and enjoy the Jubilee weekend... we're off to Brighton.

Annie said...

Great to see all your feels like Christmas :-)
Happy 3rd WOYWW birthday.
A x #89

Annie said...

Happy WOYWW Anniversary Ann. You have been a very busy lady with stunning results. I was just saying to some other crafters that in my 20 years of crafting I have never made an ATC, so I will have to give it a go. TFS Crafty Hugs......Annie :)

Lynn Holland said...

Hi Neighbour
I havent made mine yet but I will do a swap with you Ann.
It would be rude not to as we are so close and share the same blog backdrop. haha
One I Made Earlier Today

You can email me your address through my shop

Redanne said...

Hi Ann, got your lady with the glasses ATC all ready for posting, looking forward to getting the one you have sent. Thanks again for your help, I have managed to make a few more, despite being slightly out of action. Happy WOYWW anniversary, Anne x #38

Bridget Larsen said...

This week is very exciting, icant wait to swap atcs
Bridget #25

RosA said...

Hi Ann,
I'd be very happy to swap ATCs! Will send my postal address and please let me have yours.
I'm interested in those Pan Pastels but I guess I already have enough colouring stuff, hehe, at the moment. And I can't go anywhere without at least having pen and paper. Happy 3rd Anniversary WOYWW!

Annie said...

Hi Ann just popped back to say thanks for visiting and leaving lovely comments on my blog. I am also your newest follower so I can keep up to date with your posts. Crafty hugs.......Annie x

Helen said...

Love your ATC's - I only got a couple done!! Pan Pastels are great - I have about 7 but "need" some more!!! Happy WOYWW, Helen #8

Twiglet said...

Hi Ann - happy to swap - they look fab. Happy WOYWW 3rd anniversary.
Have a great week. x Jo

Helen said...

Hi Ann thank you for popping in to see me - I would love to swap ATCs with you so please do send me your address and I will contact you. Sorrel is a cutie pie! Happy WOYWW Birthday to you Helen 83

sandee said...

Now you must share the good deal on the Pan Pastels, I've been thinking about trying them! I am going to contact you, I need a wicked naughty ATC, hee hee!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

toni said...

Hi Anne like the look of that tidy pile of Atc's I' ll do you a swap if you've still got one left x you're right It does get pretty difficult finding things at times ! happy WoyWw toni x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Happy 3rd WOYWW!!
How lovely to see the photos of you with The Girls on various blogs today - isn't that just brilliant. I bet the shopkeepers of Manchester tripled their profits that day, lol!!
Hasn't it been a lovely warm sharing day today - I hope that Julia can feel some of it out in Spain!
Hugs. LLJ #77 xx

May said...

Hi Anne... busy desk as always... will post your ATC Thursday... I have your address but no postcode is that ok...Hugs May x x x#4

MvM-design said...

Love watching all those lovely ATC's!!
Happy WOYWW anniversary ☼
have a great week!

Hugs Marleen # 28

inkypinkycraft said...

Wow some fan atcs, I am so behind and have not done mine yet!!oops!! Have a fab week hugs trace x

mark gould said...

Happy woyww, great stash of atc's they look fab, I have a couple of extras, if you fancy a swap drop me a line, mark 91

Anonymous said...

What a WOYWW mess this week - all the numbers are moving about. Your ATCs look fab. Sounds like you had a great day. I feel like I am following you around blogland, you keep popping up

Have a good one!

Mary Anne (now 12!)

Samantha Elliott said...

Hello Ann! I have a little something for you! Hee Hee! I see you have made a lovely little pile there!
I will drop you an e-mail so you can let me know your addie!
Hettie #50
P.S. I remember "chatting" to you about Sorrel in the past!

Katie said...

I'd love to sort through that stack of ATCs! Looks like you had fun creating them :) Happy WOYWW!

Katie (38)

fairy thoughts said...

wow that is a fab pile of ATCs it would be mean not to covert one I will e mail you my address.
janet #43

Sue from Oregon said...

Ann...your pile of ATC's shows your have been working hard girl! Happy 156th WOYWW!! Sue Kment

Anonymous said...

Have fun swapping.these ATC's look good!!
Judy #51

VonnyK said...

I love your ATC's as well, everyone has such gorgeous ATC's. I haven't got any left to swap, so can't do a swap at the moment (bummer).
Happy 3rd anniversary and have a great week.
Von #20

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Ann - Thanks so much for popping over and well isn't this lovely sharing not just fact we have met some weeks back abut also looking at one another's crafty space and must confess I am a shade of green I think.. like so much the look of pan pastels funny, the thing you think you dont need become the things you want - not sure it is good for me, wanting them not with my lack of organisation and space etc.. but have you visited Eileen's blog she does great things with those pan pastel:

how many did you get? ... happy 3rd birthday of WOYWW! thanks for sharing, Shaz in Oz. x #30

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm tickled I got to "meet" you through this wild and fun blog hop we take each week. Those pan pastels look like they would be fun to turn into backgrounds. I hear they are lovely and smooth out with a touch of your finger. Happy 3rd WOYWW Anniversary from #2.

Angie said...

What fantastic ATC's ... you have been hard at work ....or is it hard at play? I find it hard to believe that the barely 20, three years ago, is now sometimes nearly 200.Happy 3rd woyww birthday.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I have never tried pan pastels. I have plenty of coloring mediums and am afraid I'd like them too much if I tried them and then I'd need more stuff! (which of course I always need more stuff, but you know...) Great pile of ATCs! I think I should have shown my pile in my post since I have a bunch but few takers so people would know I had more than the 4 shown. Nice selection of distress inks too. I'm rather new to them myself.

okienurse said...

If I am not too late in getting here I would love to swap an ATC with you. I will send my address by email and you will need to send me yours. Sorry I am late in getting around but life calls. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Have a great week. Vickie #178

Elizabeth said...

I've not used pan pastels yet but, having seen them demonstrated,they do look tempting. Lovely pile of ATCs on your desk - and the designs look fab. Participating in WOYWW is a lovely way to "meet" fellow crafters such as yourself and see what you are up each week. Happy belated 3rd WOYWW anniversary! Elizabeth x #94

Queen Of Toys said...

That is one busy desk for sure, I haven't tried the pan pastels and I think I have enough mediums to play with, so I won't go there. LOL

Looks like you have heaps of ATCs to trade that is for sure, happy swapping.

Eliza #140

KatzElbows said...

Wow. Happy belated WOYWW and wow to that pile of ATCs. Great job.

I hope you enjoyed my birthday prosecco; I got a bit of work and couldn't have it!

rachel #7

Morti said...

Oooh - lots of lovely ATCs! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you - the Jubilee got in the way!!!

Would love to swap an ATC with you - send an email to with your address and I'll get back to you!

Happy WOYWW, and thanks for stopping by...

Ali said...

Your desk looks lovely and creative. I'm another one that's splashed out on Pan Pastels recently but not had much chance to play with them yet. :)

Happy WOYWW anniversary!

Ali #86