Wednesday 9 April 2014


I have a special offer on this week, not one, but two desks to share.  The first is my usual craft place, my dining room table. Taken from a slightly different angle this week and twice as messy - must be a Twofer week.

Inkpads galore, even more stamps, clear embossing powder and a new stamp, the flowers on the right which I haven't used yet - give me time.  Right in the middle and towards the right is a bunch of cards made at our monthly craft club meeting on Saturday and finished off at home.  The technique we did was faux batik when you emboss an image in clear on white card, ink over the top, then iron off the EP to give a negative image.  Then you over stamp with coloured inks and finally with black to add a bit of drama.  At the workshop I realised my black Versafine pad had finally hit the dust, well it must be at least 8 years old, so of I trotted on Saturday to a local craft fair and bought a replacement....and six new Archival inkpads, a couple of stamps, some of that sticky EP (I cant get on with Flitter Glue at all), couple of masks, couple of stencil brushes and....well that's enough isn't it?  If you want a closer look at the cards then I blogged them a couple of days ago so scroll down a bit and there they are.

My second desk is the little table in my conservatory which I took over for a bit of sewing.

Making a Kindle case for my niece, called Susan would you believe :).  Out came the Cuttlebug for the flowers and I had to make a trip to our local fabric shop for a bit of batting but that was all I bought yesterday :(

Enough of my spending habits, I'm off to look at what everyone else is buying/making courtesy of Julia's Desk hop, might just bump into you on the journey.


Helen said...

Faux batik is a cool technique, sounds like you had fun. Great desk - hope Susan likes her kindle case. Helen 11

Candace said...

Lovely kindle case, sure your Niece will love it.

Popping over from WOYWW. Have a great week and happy crafting
Candace #33

Unknown said...

Wow Ann I could learn a few things from you :-)! LOVE your cards, the colours are just so delish!! I must drag out my sewing machine and do a few things too as I love the Kindle case you have done for your niece and seeing as I have a Kindle too I think it is a great idea!! I have just had a big spending spree at Craft Alive that came to town a couple of weeks ago. I haven't added it all up...I am afraid too lol. Thank you for visiting me earlier :-). Happy WOYWW and have a great week!
Janene #36

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Ann, ow I love that technique, your cards look lovely, very effective, with lovely bright colours. And yes it's dangerous going into a craft shop, one ink pads turns into ???? $$$. Well enjoy your new bits, have a great week Cheers RobynO#29

Annie said...

You know me....give me desk 2 any day :-) Good to see a bit of sewing going on. :-)
Annie x # 51

Lynn Holland said...

You are very talented Anne the cards are excellent and the kindle case is lovely.
Have a good week
Lynn x

JoZart Designs said...

busy crafty desks. Love your kindle case. You are making a good job of it and i'm sure she'll love it.
Enjoy your week,
Jo x

Neet said...

I clicked and clicked but it wouldn't bring the comment box up. Was just about to abandon when I peeked behind the page and there it was. Silly computer!
Love your busy desk - I spy my biscuit tin (like a suitcase) and I love your clever sewing. Does your machine embroider letters then? Wish mine did. Can't afford another though.
Hugs, Neet 14 xx

Anonymous said...

Love the cards and the case! DD would love it too as she is still a pink+purple girl, although now she seems to be mixing in a lot more BLACK...from Barbie to Goth, Oh My!

Love your WOYWW twofer too :)

Happy WOYWW!

Mary Anne (15)


G'day Ann. Happy WOYWW day to you. I'm a returning WOYWW after almost a years break. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog for my painting I suspect it may be a one hit wonder LOL. I love your faux batik cards...they look very striking. Susan's Kindle case looks awesome too
Annette In Oz #23

glitterandglue said...

Wonderful looking desk, Ann. Great cards - I like the look of that technique - must discover it...
Have a good week with all your new goodies.
Margaret #25

Shoshi said...

How frustrating, going to a class and having the wrong stuff, Ann! However, it looks as if despite these difficulties you've come up with the goods OK. Beautiful work, and such gorgeous glowing colours.

Both your desks look busy and productive - mine may look tidy this week but it's because not a lot is going on on it! I love your sewing - again, lovely colours.

Thanks for your lovely comment - glad you like the knitting. I love any amount of colour with stocking stitch which I don't find boring as the colours keep me going. I can do a few fancy knitting stitches but hardly ever work in that style - lace I find impossible as I always get lost, and the result looks as if the moths have got at it.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #12

Unknown said...

Love all your projects--I am already thinking of making a Kindle case now for DD! Thanks for stopping by! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #1

Robyn said...

Lots to see here. FUN! we are both 2fers this week!
thanks for stopping by, your kind words and the snoop around your place.
robyn 5

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I love those cards, and that looks a really fun technique to try out. Thank you for your visit this week and your kind comments. Yes, I did drive myself. I took a couple of breaks on the way down, because I was tired to start with. Coming back I actually did in one hop because the traffic was running so well and freely. I am lucky in that my Discovery is the most comfortable vehicle to drive I had hoped to do a bit of sight seeing along the coast on the way there and back, but I decided that it was pointless in that foggy weather. Hope you have a good week, especially finished that lovely Kindle case. xx Maggie #28

trisha too said...

SO much fun stuff on both of your "desks" this week, Ann!

Happy woyww to you!

#13 this week with
fairies, a please, and
a thank you!

Sarah (wonderstrumpet) said...

hahah I was just thinking about how expensive this blog hop is for me - I always end up buying something because of someone's post - this post in particular reminded me that I needed embossing ink. ;)

That Kindle case is so sweet!

Anne said...

Hello Ann have just admired those lovely cards on previous post. Will have to try that technique. The kindle case is looking good as well. Happy WOYWW Anne x #48

Julia Dunnit said...

Well, you have that technique in the bag Miss a ann, your cards are absolutely gorgeous. I love the rich intensity of the colours. And I feel that you perfectly justified the journey and time for the inkpads purchase....!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love that Kindle case - the flower is so pretty! I didn't know you could cut fabric with the Cuttlebug, how clever is that?! Did you do the letters that way too because the font is slender, I can't imagine cutting individual letters out!
Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

cockney blonde said...

Love the colours for the kindle case. You've been a busy little bee, x

Chrysalis said...

It might seem a mess to some, but I bet you know where things are! You sound like me, flitting from one project to another - life is just too darn short! Have a great week, Chris # 35

fairy thoughts said...

goodness you've been busy, the faux batik looks stunning. the thing I would like to ask is why have you painted your heat gun?
enjoy the rest of the week
janet #19

RosA said...

Good desk! Lots of interesting stuff there! And those cards are BEAUTIFUL! I must try that technique!
Thanks for stopping by, and I wasn't on the chair for long :)
RosA # 43

Daniella said...

It isn't messy if you know exactly what you have on it! Great desks!

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Ann, gorgeous cards, I so have to try that technique! I agree about the sticky embossing powder, its great I love mine. Re the Versafine, I ordered a refill for mine from To tell the truth, I actually ordered two, to save on the postage, and from the USA, only cost me £11 quid for both, with shipping.And just in case, I found Adirondack re-inkers over here, at Country View Crafts- I've been searching for them in this country for ages! Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #44 xxx

Kelly said...

You are a busy little bee. Cute kindle case. Like the color. And your dining room table is as it should be.... full of good things - though you probably don't want to eat any of these :-) Creative Blessings! Kelly #82

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

MM admored thos cards a few days back but they still took my breath away all lover again.. would have loved to have come to that craft fair too.. sound soo fab.. maybe we might get on again.. last year was first time had ever had one.. been to one in Brissy too so two in over thirty years of stamping :D yes living here has that drawback. I could go more often if was good at driving long distances by that I mean about 350- 400 miles or so..

great purchases love the new doily mask, Shaz in Oz.x