Wednesday 14 August 2013

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday - 219

Remember me, I used to be part of your gang but have been missing for a few weeks -well a lot of weeks actually.  Lots of things going on to prevent me crafting and joining in, broken Freezer, replacing freezer, broken washer, replacing washer, holidays, bad back etc etc. Add to this the utter and complete loss of mojo and inability to concentrate on any crafting and you have an unhappy bunny so much so that at one point I packed lots of stamps and stuff up ready to give away and give up. Happy to report that I changed my mind and unpacked it :-) and this week has seen the return of Mojo and I'm on my way to catching up on all the many birthday cards I haven't sent.

Four cards on my desk, nothing too fancy, it's baby steps at the moment in case I frighten off that Mojo person again - if you are wondering what the table knives are doing there it's because they live in the dresser behind me and I was too lazy to put them away after Sunday lunch.  Still they are beautiful stylish knives (Robert Mellor).

So that's me, back where I belong and happy to be taking part in Julia's big desk hop again.  Hope to get around a few desks this week and see what delightful art you have been creating in my absence.  See you on the tour and if you want to see a few photos of my holidays then scroll down.

Saundersfoot, Wales.  The beach was just yards from our holiday home, out the door, 50 yards down the lane and down the cliff steps, perfect for us and perfect for Sorrel.

This beach wasn't quite as 'friendly', Pendine Sands where Malcolm Campbell, (father of Donald Campbell who was killed on his water speed attempt) broke the world land speed record in 1927.  The beach was later used in preparation for the D-Day Normandy landings in WW2 and the chance of unexploded shells.  Scary hey?

And this is what I call a beach.  Further west, we parked at Stackpole Quay and walked over the cliffs to this beautiful beach, down the steps, across the beach and up the other side.  Took us a few hours but the views were stunning.  You can just see Andy at the right edge of the photo


Helen said...

Great to see you back, and I hope your mojo hangs around! Love the beach - apart from the scary signs! Helen 21

Anonymous said...

Happy WOYWW and wonderful to see you back. Glad you enjoyed your Pembrokeshire holiday. We have our County Show in Haverfordwest this week - shame you are not still here, it is a great day out. The last picture of Barafundle beach is fab - that is my favourite beach anywhere in the world, and was in the Top 10 Beaches Worldwide a few years ago, so I am not the only fan! Ali x #56

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Welcome back Ann. And thanks for visiting already. It's good to see some activity on your desk now that your washer and freezer are new and working.

Those beach signs are spooky scary. Of course, I'd still want to visit, because the beach looks so pristine. Happy WOYWW from #1.

Neet said...

Fab holiday photos Ann but even better is the fact that you are back in the world of crafting. We have missed you, some more ways than others (think Vicky). Hope we get to see you on here each week and in the flesh soon.
Hugs, neet 66 xx

tilly said...

lovely to see you back and have unpacked your stuff........ I love that beach, went a few years ago, beautiful part of the country

Unknown said...

Nice to see you and your lovely dog too. You are very close to me in Lancashire.

Hope your mojo stays around. Love the holiday home, even with the scary beach.

Lynda #89

Robyn Oliver said...

OWWW your birthday cards are gorgeous Ann, lovely holidays pics too. Cheers RobynO 48

ria gall said...

Hi Ann
welcome back and boy am I pleased your Mr Mojo came back and got you unpacking your crafting stash. Great cards, keep going with those baby steps and you will soon be jumping in of the high board
Enjoy WOYWW and have a great week
Hugs Ria #43

famfa said...

Welcome back, glad you got some mojo, hope it stays. Holiday photos look gorgeous.
Thanks for visiting.
Famfa 7

Unknown said...

Welcome back. Glad you didn't give your stamps away after you mojo went on vacation. Your cards are beautiful. Someone got really inky. Thanks for stopping by. happy crafting

The Taming of the Glue said...

Great to have you back. I think we've all had times where we were ready to give all the craft stuff away....I know I have! The cards look fab so Mr Mojo is obviously back where he belongs! Hugs. Pam#33

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Woohoo, nice to see you back! I'm glad you didn't give everything away...
I love Pembrokeshire (but of course, I'm biased!) it's like Cornwall without the crowds. Gorgeous, glad you had a good time there on your jollies!
Hugs, LLJ 60 xx

Anonymous said...

The cards are lovely, and the knives are indeed stylish - like art for the table!

Happy (so late) WOYWW!
Mary Anne (37)

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Ann
I was wondering where you had gone so glad you didn't give your stash away. the cards look great. love the flower stamp. Have you tried zentagles they are very relaxing to do and great for getting back to basics.
it looks to me like you are doing great anyway
welcome back
janet #44

Margie said...

Hi Ann. Nice of you to pop in and see me and I like the look of those cards on your desk! Really love your doggy too - she looks a real sweetie. Margie x

Redanne said...

Hi Ann, I have not joined in for many weeks either, for roughly the same reasons as you......but it is so good to see you back and I am so glad you unpacked your box - you are far too good to disappear from the craft/blog world! Hugs, Anne x