Saturday 30 July 2011

Back from hols

Back from family holiday in Somerset yesterday evening after a long, long journey.  It should have only been about 5 hours or so (with 2 or 3 stops) but turned into a 9 hour journey.  Still, home now, washing done and dried and I even got time to make a, belated, birthday card.
Had a beautiful sunny week enjoying the company of StepD and family and that's despite my little accident (badly sprained ankle) and a 2 hour wait at the Walk-in centre on Monday evening.  What is it with me and holidays, don't think I've ever had a straightforward one, what with being side-swiped on the motorway by a Bulgarian lorry (new car as well), exploding fruit juices, projectile vomiting Grandson, lost pipe (DH not me) broken toilets - the list goes on, and on ha ha. 
Could be worse - could have all been on the same holiday.

Anyway the hidden treasure chest went down a storm. couldn't hide it on the beach because I couldn't get down the steps with my ankle strapped (had to sit in a chair at the side of the car like a little old lady) so we hid it in the cottage garden and I did a treasure map.  We had a big inglenook fireplace so hid the map in a ledge in the chimney and got Thomas to find it - fire was unlit you'll be relieved to know.  It was from Blackbeard, he had buried his treasure in the garden and said whoever was clever enough to find it could keep it.

We all joined in but let Thomas find it and he was so excited, thought it was 100% real and he was rich - a trillionaire no less.  Then said that as he had not found it on his own he would share it with his brother.  He was so convinced that as it was Blackbeard's treasure he would be living in a castle and buying presents for everyone we had to develop stage 2 of the story to bring him gently down to earth.  Mum and Dad took it to the antiques shop in Dunster and it was only valued at £3 - pheew!

Here he is having just found the chest - the look on his face was priceless.
Worth all the time spent on pulling this treat together just to see his face.


JoZart Designs said...

Oh, Ann what a mixed tale to tell. So sorry to hear of your sprain... big ouch! and an aaahhhh from me.
Lovely story about the hunt for Blackbeard's Treasure Chest. A magic memory he will tell to his own children one day.
Glad to have you back and I do hope your ankle doesn't stop you getting to Vicky Stampers next week. Look forward to seeing you.....and I've still got your blog candy here to give you.
Love Jo x

Cath Wilson said...

Aw, Ann - you've captured that expression so perfectly. He looks thrilled. What a great story. Glad you had such a good time, though - even if it was marred a bit by the accident. Take care x

cockney blonde said...

Oh Ann, not another calamity. I do hope you're not in too much pain.
Love the treasure chest tale and the piccie sums it up perfectly.
Take care and rest up, x