Thursday 21 July 2011

Finished chest

Finished it last night and now in the middle of packing for our hols, what do you take on an English holiday in July?  A bit of everything - jumpers, raincoats, shorts Tshirts and a brolly. 

Here's a picture of the jewel encrusted lid, painted with Stewart Gill acrylics crackle glazed and dirtied up with black ink.

and the side view showing the metal findings I distressed with Promarkers and acrylic paint'

Sorrel went to the groomers yesterday and came back looking beautiful, a spotlessly clean honey-coloured dog.  Left her in the garden playing with her ball and when I went back out there she was, digging in the rain-sodden earth.  Muzzle black and paws coated in black mud.  I was so cross - but then I had to spoil it all and laugh at her.  Don't think I would have laughed as much if she had got in the house with it all over her and wiped her chops on my carpet.

Better go and finish packing now and see if I can get the suitcase closed without sitting on it.


cockney blonde said...

Love the chest Ann, its brilliant. He'll love it when he finds it. As for Sorrel, before and after photos next time please. Have a good hols and see you when you get back, x

Julia Dunnit said...

Chest colour s gorgeous - love the description 'dirtied it up'...I may be borrowing that one!! Have a fab holiday, whatever the weather!

JoZart Designs said...

It looks far toooo good to be buried but it's got to be done so make sure it's in clean dry sand with the tide well out.... and remmber where you bury it too!!!
I go with Ali CB .. we need before and after pics, please.
Love Jo x (still don't know where you are off too... you just don't want to risk us finding that treasure!)

Cath Wilson said...

Very pretty, Ann. Love those colours but can't believe you're going to bury it! Enjoy your holiday, despite the weather, though I hope it brightens up for you! x

Chris said...

Fabulous treasure chest, Ann. Love the colours and all the distressed metal. Hope your grandson finds it - and if not I hope you do! :o)