Thursday 7 July 2011

Kitty's T-shirt

Thank you everyone who took time out to post comments yesterday, I was thrilled to read them, very encouraging.

Finished the T-shirt for my little Granddaughter today.  I started it at the weekend but made a mistake stamping the letters of her name, tried to fix it with a paintbrush and, of course, made it worse.  Why can't I learn to leave well alone.
Anyway I retrieved it in part, although the 'K' is a bit smudged, by adding a couple of flowers over the worst bit.  So unless she is extremely fussy, which at 8 months I doubt, then it will be OK.

Didn't do the 'block' printing on this as I did for the apron, just stamped straight on the fabric with a little balloon stamp I have had for years.  Have started the next one now - blue - but will use the blocks on that one.

We will be seeing then in a couple of weeks when we go on our family holiday - can't wait.

1 comment:

hazel said...

It's lovely Ann, your little granddaughter will love it.
xxx Hazel.