Sunday 17 July 2011

I know the gardens need it but why can't it rain at night?

I don't mind a bit of rain but honestly!  Managed to get out with Sorrel for her morning walk/mad run about and not get drenched but it has rained ever since.  So much so that it has broken a branch on my minature plum tree, never mind, stewed plums for tea - and such a gorgeous colour.
Am going to get the gesso out and paint a couple of little wooden chests delivered yesterday from Calico Crafts.  Couldn't resist ordering after I saw some beautiful examples on Zuzu's blog so doing a bit of prep work before I figure out what I'm going to do with mine.  We are off on our hols next weekend, with StepD and family so may turn one into a pirates chest and bury it in the sand for Thomas to find.

In the meantime I thought I would share a mini book I made for a recent Fun swap on Katys Corner Yahoo Group.  The lovely Dot sent us a small piece of leather and 2 brown paypackets to set our imaginations going.  Unfortunately mine wasn't playing ball and I couldn't think what to do with the envelopes so concentrated on the leather.  Passed through a Cuttlebug folder and inked then cut it to make a book cover.  Accordian pages inside have simply been stamped with mini stamps from Clarity which I have had for years.

I love these little fun swaps as you never know what you are going to get - but always turns out that you get something to treasure.

This is the book closed.  Just realised you will have no idea of scale, Doh, should have put a ruler at the side when I took the photo.  Book was around 2 inch high.

and this is one side of the stamped accordian page.

For those of you kind enough to ask about Sorrel - she is doing fine, back to her mad, jumpy, bubbly self and looking forward to her holiday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne. What a super book. Love your idea of a pirates treasure chest and burying it in the sand for Thomas to find. Brilliant!
Regards Florence.

cockney blonde said...

Love the book Ann. Hopefully I can get back into these fun swaps soon. Enjoy your hols, x

hazel said...

A super little book Ann - I love it.
xxx Hazel.

Von said...

What a fun little book Ann :)
Have a wonderful holiday
Von x