Monday 22 August 2011

Getting messy

I've been spending some time working on the the wooden box I showed you last WOYWW.  Still have no idea where I'm going with it but have changed my mind about the Graphic 45 papers and grabbed my paints.
Think I'm leaning towards a nature theme with lots of trees and birds, but don't hold your breath - I may change my mind before it's completed.
Have gone for a mix of blue, yellow and turquoise shades and quite pleased with how its turned out so far.

Photo doesn't show the colours properly, it is greenier than it looks as the base coat is Lettuce acrylic.  Didn't notice the blob of Mod Podge at top left - have just rushed to wipe it off before it dries.

This is the inside, I wanted it plainer than the outside so mixed some blue and white and then sponged some 'clouds' over the top, well they look like clouds to me so I will probably add a few flocks of birds.

Am stamping the trees on tissue and Mod Podging them but it took me a while to find it as my craft drawers are full of all sorts of stuff.  This is the top drawer -

I get a nice surprise every time I open it as I've forgotten stuff I have stashed away.

Anyway, found the Mod Podge and stamped a tree, will wait to see what it looks like when dry before I do any more.  at least that will give me time to decide what's next - I told you it was an organic project.


Unknown said...

I love trees, so of course this appeals to me.
Are your stamps really big, or is this a tiny box?
I never see any really cool large stamps. Keep going; it's very nice.

Von said...

Off to a good start :) lovely colours Ann