Thursday 11 August 2011

She's a lady

Had a great day yesterday with my friend Kath.  Have been friends for 40 years now and she blames me for making her a poorer woman by introducing her to crafting - well you have to spend it on something and crafting comes a very close second to red wine in my opinion. We have very different styles but enjoy working together although I didn't produce much - knew I wouldn't - as we were too busy chatting, but I did manage to make two cards.
This one is a favourite stamp of mine as I love her elegant yet slightly haughty look.
Have used stamp and colours before in a page on a fat book swap and was pleased with the finished page so decided to turn it into a card.  The lace is a bit wonky as I pleated it directly onto the back of the card on  a strip of DST.  The ribbon is a very strokeable velvet from my box of ribbons, lace and fibres which is so full it is just about collapsing at the corners - note to self ' buy a bigger box'.

Had to go to see the consultant about my ankle (badly sprained two weeks ago) and as it's only half a mile away or so I drove there.  Much better than it was but still swollen and told my torn ligaments would take 8 weeks to heal properly.  Two options -  cast on for two weeks or stick with double layer of tubi-grip.  No contest then as I definately don't want plaster - had a cast on my wrist once for 6 weeks and couldn't move it properly afterwards for weeks.  He also said no driving - oops!


Unknown said...

Loved your blog! I signed up so I won't miss a thing. The fairy tale book is wonderful, and I love the lady stamp on the card.

Von said...

Very touchy feely and beautifully coloured :
Von x

JoZart Designs said...

Glad to hear you had a great day with your friend and I love the stylish card you made. She looks a bit of a vamp don't you think. A femme fatale, tee hee!
Hope that legs heals quickly despite your driving... naughty, naughty!
Love from another red wine fan... Jo x

Jennibellie said...

Ooooh I love this, kinda a femme fatale but defiantly a hollywood femme fatale from the studio years. You have it right - everything comes second to crafting goodies in my opinion not just the wine lol thanks for your comments on my blog - yes they're all handmade/handbound - hope you stop by in the future I love how many talented crafters I'm discovering through blogging, much love Jenny

hazel said...

A beautiful elegant card Ann - I love it. I hope your ankle heals quickly.
xxx Hazel.

cockney blonde said...

Naughty, naughty lady driving a car!!!! Punishment is enforced rest with crafting to stop the mind going numb, lol.
BTW, love the card, x