Thursday 29 November 2012

First box finished

Gave myself a good talking to this morning and got cracking on the first of two boxes I'm decorating for my nieces.  They have been sitting on my desk for two weeks and I had failed to make any progress as whatever I did didn't work out right.

Getting desperate as Christmas is getting ever so close and I've only made one card so far - that was this afternoon as well and I was struggling getting a good image on the wooden boxes. A huge thanks to Paula of Ephemera's Attic who very generously gave me some advice about preparing the surfaces and hey presto, I have one stamped box.

Painted with emulsion from Wilkinson's (matchpot) and stamped in Archival - thanks Paula - and finished with a coat of matt medium.

Here is the top view with a bit of randomly added bling.  Now all I have to do is add the chocolate coins and get my thinking cap on for the second one - I'm thinking peacock colours and feathers.

PS. Nieces are 25 and 19 but it's become a family tradition that they get the chocs in a different decorated container every year


JoZart Designs said...

Germany calling! All in bed bar me due to time difference.
Beautiful box and it is so well made , Ann. Your nieces must have such a collection of treasures from over the years.
Look forward now to seeing no2
Jo xxx

fairy thoughts said...

lovely box Ann it turned out really well, pretty colours. I have 3 girls 26 year old twins and a 21 1/2 year old.... it wouldn't be Christmas if they didn't have their choc coins... I even havr to buy them for their other halves too.
I look forward to seeing the other box

Von said...

Oww a wonderful keepsake box Ann :)
Von ♥

Jenny Marples said...

Every girl needs chocs and a dash of pink in her life so this is perfect. Way to go Ann! One done, looking forward to the second. Hugs, Buttons x