Wednesday 14 November 2012


How come it is always Wednesday?  Are there more Wednesdays in the week these days?  Glad it is though as it is the big snoop day over at the Stamping Ground where Julia hosts our weekly fix of crafty goodness.

Thought I wouldn't be able to share anything this week as I have been making angels for the swap Our Jo (Jozarty) is running and we cannot share until after the swap.  Made one (she is hiding behind the box of paints) and the other one is awaiting inspiration - hoping my guardian angel will give me a little hint, or two.

Bit boring this week as most of my WIPs are in the very early stages with the winter house and the two wooden Christmas boxes sitting there in their undercoats, and the big box of acrylics/lumieres ready and waiting to be chosen - and if they aren't up to it I have another box of paints waiting in the wings.

Wings are a bit of a theme this week as the only finished item on my desk is the owl cushion I started last week.  He may only be small but he is quite cute with his button brown eyes and so quick to make - only a day from start to finish and that included printing of the pattern and playing with it to re-size.  He is a Christmas present for my Mother-in-law who asked for one after she saw mine - wish I had done him a bit bigger now but maybe he is a Little Owl, rather than a Tawny.

ON Sunday my eldest Grandson took part in his first ever Remembrance Day parade in Bristol city centre.  He joined the cadets earlier this year and only got his uniform sorted out a couple of weeks ago.
He was so excited to be involved and we were very, very proud of him.  Only 15 and 6ft tall, how did he get to get that big so fast?  Wish we could have been there to see it but a 3-4 hour journey was just a bit too far - maybe next year.

Well done George.


Lynn Holland said...

Well done to your George, no wonder you are proud of him.
Lynn //57

Redanne said...

I don't think your desk is boring at all, so many lovely things on it. Your owl cushion is gorgeous, love your chosen colours for him. George certainly is tall and looks wonderful in his uniform. I would be very proud too! Happy WOYWw, Anne x #65

Anonymous said...


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sandra de said...

Never, never boring I can see many little things that I would like to see up close.
Sandra @75

Twiglet said...

Wow - what a smart lad - you must be very proud. Your desk looks busy too with that Little Owl keeping guard. Good luck with the angels - mine are ready to fly. x Jo

JoZart Designs said...

Fancy having a grandson of 6 foot... you must be rightly proud of him im his uniform he looks so smart. Your owl cushion is super. I checked and have amended you to 2 angels. I didn't have any number by your name at all. Mine will take flight very soon... they are all fluttering and ready!
Lv Jo x

Annie said...

Well done smart is he?
Love the owl cushion you've made.
A x #74

jill said...

Handsome young man your grandson & looking very smart in his uniform no wonder your very proud of him.
Ann could i ask where you got your down load from for the owl cushion please.
fab crafting desk. Jill #56

Jenny Marples said...

Loving your owl Ann and George looks so smart. No wonder you are so proud. Happy WOYWW, hugs Butttons #64

Neet said...

Not surprising you are proud of George - and a handsome young man too!
Love your owl, you are so good with that sewing. Unlike me - yes, it will have to be in thirds when I pick it up again but the others were in one piece and I wanted this in two (because of the pattern so I didn't end up with upside down kimonos) Ah well, there's a few weeks before Christmas.
Thanks for sharing and for visiting me. Hugs, Neet 15 (been having internet problems and unable to comment up to now) xx
ps it was an early morning visit to somewhere attached to the bedroom that got me on WOYWW early. (wink)

Words and Pictures said...

Such a cute cushion - and I can't wait to see how the Christmas boxes develop! Congrats to your Grandson - he looks so proud! Happy WOYWW...
Alison x

fairy thoughts said...

your little boxes look really cute I look forward to seeing them finished. Well done to your GS he looks very smart
have a good week

Andrea said...

sorry im late no time yesterday to visit anyone ... that is not a boring desk I cant wait to see how all your projects progress and the owl is super cute. thanks for visiting me an d your kind comments your grandson looks very smart, I can see how you are so proud of him have a wonderful week x Andrea #60

okienurse said...

great looking PIW! Congrats on Georges participating in the parade. Very handsome young man! I always wondered at how my son grew up as fast as he did because my daughter didn't seem to grow as quickly. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #62

Elizabeth said...

Love the owl ... owls seem to be a bit of a theme this week too :) I have a grandson that's over 6' tall - don't understand it either, his mum is 4'10" and his dad is about 5'9"!!! As a soldier, I attended quite a few Remembrance Day parades in uniform and usually enjoyed the experience. The only thing that could spoil it was heavy rain - those army raincoats were so dreary :) Have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #43

Darnell said...

What a proud moment, Ann, seeing George in his finest! You've a lovely desk of activity, hidden angels, and a really, really precious owl!!

I'm still hopping along this week (I'll miss next week prepping for our Thanksgiving,) so have a great two weeks ahead! Be well! Darnell #41

Bridget Larsen said...

Cant wait to see your angels, your GS looks so smart in his uniform
Bridget #33