Wednesday 28 November 2012


Don't know how many more WOYWW days there are until Christmas but it's getting mighty close - and still no cards made.  The stamps are out now though so I suppose that's a start. Wonder how many of Julia's little(?) band of bloggers are showing Christmas desks this week.

Here's the desk -

with the box of Christmas stamps at the back hiding behind all the pots of paint and wooden boxes.  Not made a lot of progress on these as I'm having a bit of a disaster.  I tried to make two textured boxes painting them gold and then pushing texture paste through a stencil but they don't look quite right so plan 2 comes into action with the two at the front.  Only just painted these, one a very pale pink and the other coffee (like 2 giant-sized marshmallows).  Will sponge darker pink and lilac on the right-hand one and blue/green o nthe left-hand one and then add some stamped images and a bit of glitter.  At least that's the plan up to now - all may change tomorrow.

Not had a very good week as my back is playing up and I can't bend over the table for too long and to put the top hat on it the vacuum gave up the ghost yesterday.  Tried to fix it by using my craft knife to cut away all the nylon thread it had wrapped around the brushes - beading supplies (that will teach me for vacuuming the craft room).  Unsuccessful trip to Currys as the one we wanted wasn't in stock (tried to sell me one for £70 more - don't think so!) so while I was there I browsed the i-pads but am totally confused about dongles - what the heck are those?

I do, however, know what this is - its a dogle, or rather my little doggie modelling her new fleece.
She loves to sneak in my bedroom when my back is turned and look out of the window at the birds.  She isn't keen on the coat (well, she isn't keen on any coat come to that)but it will keep her snug in this horrible weather.

See you next week.


Annie said...

I'm chuckling at your hoover....I have to, on a regular basis, take mine apart and remove all the sewing threads that have wound themselves round the brushes....They just don't like it do they?
A #42
ps hope you 'like' me :-) [see my blog for more info]

Neet said...

Sorrel looks adorable as always.
Think you need a laminate floor and a brush for the future. That was a costly cleaning up session you had Ann.
Hope your back is soon feeling much better and that you manage to make a card or two for the season (says one who is in the same boat as you - zilch done). Must get one done for Saturday as Mo reminded me.Good luck with the boxes, am sure they will turn out fine - your work is always beautiful.
Hugs, Neet 29 xx

Twiglet said...

Glad I am not the only one who hasn't got their Christmas cards sorted yet. I had a go and it was a miserable failure so I need new idea and I keep putting it off. Thanks for "liking" us. x Jo

Kate said...

Sorry you've not been feeling well. I'm with you on the Christmas cards, I need to take stock and then batch make a few designs if I'm to finish on time, I just refuse to buy any!

My eldest wants a laptop/netbook/ipad for Christmas (she has been saving up and selling her possessions we are not normally that extravagant with the presents!) I pretend to know what I'm talking about, but really I don't know what the difference is, and I really don't want to go into a shop and have some spotty youf trying to con me into buying whatever gives him the most commission!!!

** Kate **

JoZart Designs said...

Watch out, when one appliance goes there are usually another 2 ready to follow! hope you sort the vacuum.
Sorrell looks so sweet in her Winter warmers.
Catching up on as many as I can before I head off to the airport. I'm so excited!
Jo x

Helen said...

Hope your back recovers soon, you need to crack on with your cards! I want to get mine written this weekend... Helen, 8

House of Bears said...

Good luck with the Christmas cards, we couldn't help being sidetracked by the very cute dog on the blog though, how gorgeous.

The bears @#85 this week.

famfa said...

Oh dear, don't hover the craft room, only disaterous things happen. Boxes look good

lisa said...

I had a similar problem with my hoover and after much nagging my DH managed to mend it, hurray!!!!!
Your boxes are looking lovely, are they for xmas pressies.
Your little doggie looks very snuggly in his coat. I think he'll need it this week, it's meant to turn very chilly.
Hugs Lisax #58

Words and Pictures said...

The gold textured boxes look great to me, but I also love your pastel colours on the others. Your dog looks so cute, coat or no coat! Happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Jenny Marples said...

Don't give up on those first two boxes - some of my real triumphs have come from persevering with things which haven't worked so well at first. Hope you are feeling better soon too. Hugs, Buttons #43

fairy thoughts said...

oh dear not a good week for you then, but as you say shouldnt have done the hoovering.... best not to replace it then.he he.
look forward to seeing how the boxes turn out they are usually fab. Ithink a dongle is like a memory stick but you pay monthly... wekk that's what the handyman tells me
happy crafting (not hoovering )
janet #26

pearshapedcrafting said...

I'm sure those boxes will be fantastic when they're finished! The gold ones look fine to me - but I suppose that if they haven't turned out right for you that's what counts. Your dog looks so cute - I hope she gets used to it - its very cold tonight here! Chrisx

Darnell said...

You're too funny, Ann, hopping around in your post from indecisive craft project to broken vacuum to dongles and doggie coats!! My husband carries a dongle to gain access to work computers through a code. I got a bit of whiplash, myself, the first time I heard him saying he had to insert his dongle. Beg pardon?

Have a wonderful week and I hope your back feels better! Darnell #54

Erika said...

Loving your doggies new coat. Thanks for sharing your desk it looks nice and busy, happy crafting, hugs Erika. 84

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh, look at that face!! 'What me? I'm just sitting here innocently, mind my own business....' LOL
I love your stamped box- that turned out a treat!!
Thanks for dropping by :)
Hugs, LLJ #32 xx