Saturday 15 September 2012

Back home....

..... and I'm well and truly kn##k#r#d (tired).  I love north Norfolk, so beautiful but it is a long, long way away from home.  Took us over 6 hours to get back yesterday mainly because of road works on the M62 and apart from two 10 minutes stops it was driving all the way.  Not complaining (well not fully) as we had a superb holiday and the weather was kind.  In fact this is where we were last Saturday -

Holkham beach.  Warm, sunny and so much space.  Car Park was packed out but we hardly saw a soul once we had made the 15 minute walk over to the dunes and the views are stunning.  Camped out for the afternoon and Sorrel was in her element (sand - not water which she hates) just lots of holes to dig and doggy friends to chase.  Sunday was very hot (28c) and the rest of the week dry apart from a couple of hours Wednesday evening.

Anyway, enough of the weather reports here is Mr B in our pretty cottage (barn conversion).

Lots of prints and original art work on the wall to make me envious and a snug woodburner to keep us warm at night.

Not going to bore you with all the photos but here's one I took in Holt woods.  almost stood on it as it was lying across the footpath.

Not a snake but a slow-worm which is a legless lizard and perfectly harmless (unless you are a beetle).
Have seen them before in StepD's garden in Bristol so I knew I didn't have to scream and run - beautiful creature and a protected animal because of falling numbers.

Took my knitting with me for it's holiday - didn't do any as we were so busy.  Nine hours sleep last night and I'm still tired - how come?

Will have to catch up with WOYWW last week and try to get some crafting done before next Wednesday.  Will share some more views later in the week.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

WOYWW - 170

Confession time - I'm cheating a bit as we are off to Norfolk tomorrow (Thursday so my Wednesday desk is clear ready for packing (I like to get organised).
As you really wouldn't like to see my pile of knickers waiting to go in the case I took the photo on Tuesday instead.

Have been working on some journal pages for a swap I'm in and a card to go with them - that's what you can see.  Stamps are jumbled around, all with an Italian theme, including some scrummy Darkroom Door ones on Venice and my new Dylusions stamps.

So that's my desk for this week (and next week as well).  Hope the forecast is right and we are due some sunny warm weather.  If so I'll be walking on the beach, eating crab sandwiches and quaffing a glass of cool white - but not all at the same time.

Driveway is finished so when we come back we go to pick up our campervan and I can start planning our first trip in that. it's all go isn't it?

Meanwhile I'll take a break form packing to pop over to Julia's to see what the rest of you are up to this week.