Wednesday 27 February 2013


Didn't think I could join in this week but how could I miss the worlds best desk hop hosted by Julia of Stamping Ground.  Well I couldn't so I've just taken a photo of my desk this morning and here it is.

Even bigger mess than usual because I'm trying to do fifteen things at once including some pages for a deco book swap I'm in (due Friday) and prep for the workshop I'm doing on Saturday.  All the letter stencils are cut and have just finished the instruction sheets so they are on there as well.  Favourite bit of my desk this week?  Has to be those Graphic 45 letter stamps, in a fab tin - don't you just adore things in tins?

Was getting ready to go for a walk with Sorrel but I'm doing my impression of Rapunzel (without the long flowing locks) as Andy has gone to work with my door/car keys so I'm locked in (not really as I can get out the back way but the story loses a bit if I tell you that).

We were only going for a short walk anyway because a) I have too much to do, b) my back is giving me gip, again, and c) Sorrel hurt herself yesterday, playing too hard with a Pug, a Boston Terrier and then a Border Terrier, all of which were just a bit too boisterous, so we are having a quiet day.  May not be able to get round as many desks this week but I will return all calls.

Have a good Wednesday.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

WOYWW - 194

Where are the stamps?  Must have got the photo mixed up with someone-else's as you never see my desk without stamps.  Well you do this week,

Away at teh weekend then back to make a card and decorae a big, big letter 'M' for my sister whose birthday it is today.  Can't remember how old she is, just know she is much older than me (just like Annie and Jo :-)).

Not a lot else to see, other than a bag of lace, my ribbon box (an empty photocopier paper box) and my bag of tricks.

Closer look at the card/letter here - Graphic45 paper, lace, pearls, buttons and, of course, a few stamps on the background paper.

Going out for lunch with my sister for a good natter so I may not get round as many desks this week but I will try my best.  See you over at Julia's place for the start of this week's desk travels.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

A Weekend away

Made the most of the lovely sunny weekend with a trip to Chirk just 9 miles south of Wrexham, staying on a Caravan Club site snuggled up to the edge of the National Trust property of Chirk Castle.
Fantastic site with walks from the front gate through woodland down to the canal and the Thomas Telford's aquaduct that carries the canal over the river valley, a striking sight as it runs by the railway bridge.

We walked over it on Sunday but I couldn't do too much walking as I hurt my foot getting of a bar stool on Saturday night - and no I didn't fall and had only one glass of wine, just twisted the ball of my foot and it hurt, a lot.
Managed a little walk to the gates of the castle but no way could I manage the trek up the hill, very pretty though.

Back to the canal on Monday in time to see a barge cross the canal and go through the tunnel.

Just at the side of the path back up to the road was a drift of snowdrops, obviously escapees from the garden the other side of the mesh fence - think mine must have drowned, hardly any this year and I do love them so.

Don't you just love it when you can smell Spring in the air?.

Thursday 14 February 2013

In a WORD, or two, or three...'s finished.  The word book sample that is.

Thought that ribbons down the side didn't fit with the grungy theme so added a bit of broken jewellery chain and a Tim H safety pin thingy and round letter wotsit (techy terms).

Here are the other pages.

Not as pleased with the final page, bit bland to my eye but overall I'm happy, not grumpy or dozy so that cant be sneezy(d) at  and dwarfs it all (sorry).

Off to the library to return a quilting book before I forget and owe them £5,000 for late return.  It used to be a penny per book in the good old days but seems like they charge moneylender's rates today.  Then home to start on my sister's birthday card. only 5 days to go now so better get my thinking cap on.

Wednesday 13 February 2013


Another, week, another Wednesday and another mucky desk on show.

 Please snoop round as much as you like - no peeping under my table as that is where an even bigger mess is hiding - and then head over to Julia's place to continue  round the desks of other WOYWWers.

Lots and lots of stamps this week as I have been working on yet another sample of a WORD book.  This one uses heavier card and was a bit of a *****! to cut out.  The outside of the letters were OK but I tried to cut the apertures as well - wont be doing that again in a hurry.

It's a very grungy version as I used scrapbook papers and some very, very old pages from a catalogue on the spine edges, so old they were crumbling as I tore them but they look good.  I finished stamping the pages but they need a few embellishments (nibs etc) before I bind it.

The big 'M' to the right of the Really Useful box is ready to be decorated for my big sister's birthday next week.  So do I paint and stamp, or cover with scrapbook paper (I have some very pretty Graphic 45 put by) - will depend on the time available once I make up my mind and get down to it.

The stamps are just a selection of my 'background and misc' box, words and phrases (in the folder) and various newish one on the right - I just love rubber.

Will share the WORD book when finished.

Saturday 9 February 2013

...and the word is - Japan

Just finished the sample Word book I'm making for Vicky Stampers, our local craft group, and here it is...

Pages inked with Distress inks and letters cut from washi paper.  I have loads of this because Andy's cousin is married a Japanese girl (he teaches over there) and she is very generous with her gifts.  So generous in fact that I got a parcel before Christmas - a Kimono and an Obi (the belt).

Here are the individual pages.

Not too keen on the front one, my favourite is the blue 'P' with the floral masked background and the white cherry blossom stamp (white 'Inksentials pen).  Good job Blogger doesn't have all round vision as the backs of the pages are an inky mess - well it is only a sample.

And if you thought my desk was messy each Wednesday here it is before I tidied up (honest, it's pristine now).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  We planned a trip to Bristol to see StepD and family but the forecast snow put paid to that, again, maybe next time we will make it.

Friday 8 February 2013

Friday smile

Every Friday Annie, aka Wipso, hosts a happy blog hop and this week I'm joining in.

Yesterday I went to the Hobbycraft and Stiching show in Manchester which was the first time for me.  As well as the tempting treasures on sale, some of which ended up in my bag of course, there were a number of exhibitions including a massive knitted work of art by designer Alison Murrae titled 'Above and Below theWaves.  A tunnel you could walk through full of the most beautiful and inventive knits - jellyfish, mermaids, sandcastles etc etc.  Out side was covered with knitted items as well and i managed(with my wonky camera) to take a couple of photos.

Pirates amid the knitted strips.

and this enormous sea-monster.  Wouldn't like to meet him when paddling at the seaside.

Another smile was the one on my face as I bumped into, literally, a couple of WOYWWers.  Had already met Jozart as I walked through the door with some more ladies and she told me AnneR and Lynn Holland were also there amid the hundreds of other crafters.  An hour or so later I was looking at a stall and saw this beautiful felted bag hanging from the shoulder of a complete stranger.  Couldn't resist telling her 'I love your bag' to find she stared straight into my face for several seconds before saying 'Is it Ann?' and I replied 'Is it Lynne?'  Answers 'Yes' on both accounts/  What a coincidence was that.  Met up later for a chat and to meet AnneR for the first time, and for a show and tell session which of course sent me back to the £1 stall when I saw some of the bargains AnneR had in her bag.

Wednesday 6 February 2013


My desk as of late Tuesday afternoon, taken in the reflected light from the snow outside my window - enough now please, even Sorrel has had enough, she was shivering when I took her out for her walk yesterday morning.

I've been preparing for the next Vicky Stampers meeting in March when I'm doing a 'WORD' book.  This will be the first workshop I've delivered so I'm starting my prep early so I don't mess up.  I didn't have a 4inch letter stencil so used WordArt to creates the alphabet and spent yesterday afternoon cutting out the letters so I can use them as stencils.  Have started a sample piece (Japan) and just about to get inky.

To the right is the concertina card Carol showed us at last weekend' club meeting - butterflies, again, love them.  The card is decorated using the seragraph technique and chalk inks and gives a very pretty effect.  You can find out how to do this over at Splitcoast Stampers  where, if you didn't know, there are tons of brilliant tutorials.

One of the tutorials uses alcohol inks over embossed images on glossy card then a piece of plain card (uncoated) rather than the usual paper to iron off the EP.  Wasn't keen on the AI's piece, bit vivid for me, but I loved the negative it gave on the plain card (bottom left). closer look here.

Better stop before you get bored but I want to share the bag I made to go with the LillyBo quilt.  I passed the quilt on to Jozart on Saturday at our club meet but I hadn't started the bag.  Finished yesterday and ready to go postal but the PO is busy on Tuesday (all the pensioners drawing out their money - says she who gets hers paid into the bank) so it will have to wait for a snowless morning.  Anyway, enough rambling, here it is.

If you missed the quilt it is on my previous post here.

Plans for Wednesday?  Why blog-hopping of course, starting with the person responsible for my big bum - Julia over at Stamping Ground, well she does encourage me to spend a lot of time sitting on it.

Friday 1 February 2013

My first quilt....ever.

Quite a challenge for me as I don't do much sewing these days and I dithered about too much thinking of the 'what', and 'how' but once I dove in I was OK.  Cut on Wednesday and layed it out on the bed to sort out the pattern, sewed the front panel yesterday, including the applique flower fairies, cut the backing and sewed the edges this afternoon and here it is.

This is a close-up of the centre.

All those from one fat quarter, and I have some left to trim the bag.  That's the next task and I'm going to keep it as simple as possible.

Was hoping I could get it finished today so that I could take it to Jo tomorrow at our monthly craft club but I can't see that happening, unless those pixies who helped the tailor of Gloucester pop in overnight.

The quilt is a LillyBo quilt, made with love, and a bit of backache, to help provide a bit of comfort and a quilty cuddle to a sick child.  If you want to know more pop over to JoZart's LillyBo blog