Wednesday 19 December 2012

WOYWW 185? - mmmm, not a lot.

Well it is Christmas, my excuse for anything this week.  Presents wrapped, cards written and sent (apart from the one I forgot about that is sitting on the worktop in the kitchen, Sorrel has a smart haircut and the turkey is in the oven - well no.

No crafting, although I have been watching a few YouTube videos for inspiration, want to make  stand for my iPad and Follow The Papertrail has a good one. Also some brilliant 'how-to' vids on the PaperArtsy blog as well.

Hope the lovely Julia who organises this weekly gallop around the craft desks of the world will forgive me this week (well it is Christmas) for not showing my desk but here is a magical Christmas angel instead from the top of my tree..

May she bring all my followers, fellow WOYWWyers and casual visitors a Happy Christmas and healthy and peaceful New Year.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

WOYWW? Christmas!!!

Well it's Wednesday and this week - a special 2-for-1 offer as this is not the post I planned for today.
Got a bit mixed up on Monday, thought it was Tuesday and took a photo of my desk in the afternoon ready to post - this is what happens when you finish work, lose all sense of time/days etc.

Anyway, took another yesterday (Tuesday) before the light went and here it is, and still is this morning.

Penguin is from a pattern by the lovely Jozart and contains a chocolate bar, as do the bases of the half finished sleighs.  These will be my place setting for Christmas lunch - only three of us this year but we will see StepD and family at the New Year.

What else?
New Memory Box dies for the rest of my Christmas cards (got a bit carried away with the plastic - oops!) and a gorgeous angel by ShazSilverwolf that popped through my letterbox at the weekend, isn't she glam, thanks Shaz.
Middle are two pretty little dollies I bought from Jo and Annie's shop, Molly and Polly arrived this morning and one is parcelled up ready to make her way to my Gdaughter Kitty, the other will be on my tree when I get it out at the weekend.

Nearly forgot - also there is my new Christmas present (from me, to me) a new iPad, yippee!!!

This is the photo you nearly got a day early - lots of brayered Christmas cards on this one, including some charity ones with 'Holly and Ivy' (you may have to zoom in for a better look) - reminds me of my Auntie Hilda who always, always wore a hat..

All the hand-made ones are brayered and most have die-cut poinsettias on the front.
I received a beautiful Christmas easel card from Neet (Hickydorums) at our last stamp club meet, all white with a silver-edged poinsettia and I knew I wanted to use this idea in mine, with the addition of some brayering and stamping thanks Neet.

That's(almost) it for this week but lots more desk to peruse over at Julia's Stamping Ground.
....and finally, just wanted to share a photo of Sorrel I took Tuesday morning on our walk, lovely frost day with clear blue skies, if only all winter could be like this.

Hope the rest of your week is a good one.

Friday 7 December 2012

Yet another Christmas card

Another play session yesterday with a Christmas card at the end of it.  Not without a few traumas on the way though - this was attempt number three.  How come I can produce a perfectly clean card and then at the last minute put a big smudge on it.  First one almost finished and I put the heel of my hand down not realising there was a big black inky smudge on it - that went in the bin.  second one it was the ink on the edge of the acrylic block and although I tried to disguise it it also went in the bon.

So here is attempt number three.  Bigger than the previous ones as this is A5 size (for Mr B) and I 'found' these deer in my box of Christmas stamps (can't remember who they are by but they are part of a beautiful A4 sheet - bet Cath can tell me).  The moon was on a sheet of Japanese stamps and the big tree is from Crafty Individuals which I also used together with some Clarity minis to make the hedges - sentiment stamp is also CI.

I like how it turned out ( although if super-critical I think the moon should be a bit higher).  Once again the glitter has created a haze on the larger of the two deer that isn't there in reality.  More brayering tomorrow when I will vary it and maybe do a vignette and add some pretty die-cut snowflakes.

Have a good weekend, hope you don't all get snowed in.

Wednesday 5 December 2012


Are you ready for the first December blog hop over at the Stamping Grouind I can guarantee there will be Christmas themes a plenty plus some very arty work around, a few very tidy desks and a lot of really messy ones.  Just like mine in fact.
Think I have excelled myself in the messy stakes this week but it is bound to get worse before........etc etc.

A few weeks ago at our monthly stamp club meeting Jacqui led a lovely class on brayering.  I've tried this before and most of my efforts end up in the bin but her examples were so pretty I thought I would have another go on a few Christmas cards - that's what you can see front right, and that is why there is so much mess around.
Luckily none of the ink that is spread around got on my hands and then on to my finished cards which is what normally happens and, for once, I'm pleased with how they turned out.

Also on the desk is one finished box, all pink and girly for a very pink and girly-girl - well young woman really as she is 21 next birthday.  Box number two is also on there somewhere but it's waiting to be stamped and decorated.  If you want a closer look at the box you can see a better picture here - pink box.

Here's a closer look at the cards - picture quality is not right because it was getting dark yesterday afternoon when I took them.

The black and white one - looks a bit brown in this photo,

and the blue and white one (the sleigh doesn't have that white blob on it - must be the camera lens).

Off out today so I may be late (again) getting round the desks but I will visit as many as I can and, of course, return any 'calls' made to mine.

Just found out that my angel 'Anastasia' has arrived at Chez Jozart so I can show you a picture - here she is.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Crafty Individuals Blog Candy - WOW!

Quick visit this morning as I'm a busy woman today, but I had to tell you about the fantastic blog candy on offer from Crafty Individuals until 10th December - loads and loads of goodies on show and a great prize for the lucky winner, and some fab new stamps as well.

Pop over to the CI blog for a closer look and a chance to win.

Funnily enough I got all my CI Christmas stamps out this morning as I really must make an effort and get some made.  Have to do one for Japan that has to go this week - no pressure then!

Off to the craft table to get cracking - see you tomorrow on WOYWW.

Thursday 29 November 2012

First box finished

Gave myself a good talking to this morning and got cracking on the first of two boxes I'm decorating for my nieces.  They have been sitting on my desk for two weeks and I had failed to make any progress as whatever I did didn't work out right.

Getting desperate as Christmas is getting ever so close and I've only made one card so far - that was this afternoon as well and I was struggling getting a good image on the wooden boxes. A huge thanks to Paula of Ephemera's Attic who very generously gave me some advice about preparing the surfaces and hey presto, I have one stamped box.

Painted with emulsion from Wilkinson's (matchpot) and stamped in Archival - thanks Paula - and finished with a coat of matt medium.

Here is the top view with a bit of randomly added bling.  Now all I have to do is add the chocolate coins and get my thinking cap on for the second one - I'm thinking peacock colours and feathers.

PS. Nieces are 25 and 19 but it's become a family tradition that they get the chocs in a different decorated container every year

Wednesday 28 November 2012


Don't know how many more WOYWW days there are until Christmas but it's getting mighty close - and still no cards made.  The stamps are out now though so I suppose that's a start. Wonder how many of Julia's little(?) band of bloggers are showing Christmas desks this week.

Here's the desk -

with the box of Christmas stamps at the back hiding behind all the pots of paint and wooden boxes.  Not made a lot of progress on these as I'm having a bit of a disaster.  I tried to make two textured boxes painting them gold and then pushing texture paste through a stencil but they don't look quite right so plan 2 comes into action with the two at the front.  Only just painted these, one a very pale pink and the other coffee (like 2 giant-sized marshmallows).  Will sponge darker pink and lilac on the right-hand one and blue/green o nthe left-hand one and then add some stamped images and a bit of glitter.  At least that's the plan up to now - all may change tomorrow.

Not had a very good week as my back is playing up and I can't bend over the table for too long and to put the top hat on it the vacuum gave up the ghost yesterday.  Tried to fix it by using my craft knife to cut away all the nylon thread it had wrapped around the brushes - beading supplies (that will teach me for vacuuming the craft room).  Unsuccessful trip to Currys as the one we wanted wasn't in stock (tried to sell me one for £70 more - don't think so!) so while I was there I browsed the i-pads but am totally confused about dongles - what the heck are those?

I do, however, know what this is - its a dogle, or rather my little doggie modelling her new fleece.
She loves to sneak in my bedroom when my back is turned and look out of the window at the birds.  She isn't keen on the coat (well, she isn't keen on any coat come to that)but it will keep her snug in this horrible weather.

See you next week.

Wednesday 21 November 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - 181?

Well I have an angel on mine, courtesy of the lovely, and very talented Jozart who organised an angel swap.  Have done my first one but I still haven't started on the second one but I'll buckle down and get started tomorrow (promise). 
I'll show you a close-up of the one I got from Jo after I have shared my desk as part of Julia's massive weekly desk hop - my Wednesday's would not be the same without it (would get a bit more of a lie-in for one thing).

Not very different from last week's desk, just shuffled round a bit to make it look as though I've done something productive.  I have done a little though, the Christmas house I started last week has a few bits added, including some texture paste snow with glitter, a couple of trees, a Santa I found in the Grandchildren's 'playbox' (how Scrooge-like is that robbing the kids toys?) and a polar bear.  As long as they all stay in their own areas we should be OK, otherwise it's Santa sandwiches for the bear.

Have started on the two boxes (for the chocolate coin presents) by giving then a coat of paint but the surface is very rough so I've nicked some of Andy's sandpaper to smooth them out a bit - this project is organic, which is another way of saying I've not got the faintest idea where I'm going with it - yet. Also there, beads, more bits for the house and a battery tea-light in a paper bag from Wilkos (£1).

Centre-front is Jo's angel and here's a closer view.  She looks very serene, just how an angel should look - love her, thanks Jo.

Wednesday 14 November 2012


How come it is always Wednesday?  Are there more Wednesdays in the week these days?  Glad it is though as it is the big snoop day over at the Stamping Ground where Julia hosts our weekly fix of crafty goodness.

Thought I wouldn't be able to share anything this week as I have been making angels for the swap Our Jo (Jozarty) is running and we cannot share until after the swap.  Made one (she is hiding behind the box of paints) and the other one is awaiting inspiration - hoping my guardian angel will give me a little hint, or two.

Bit boring this week as most of my WIPs are in the very early stages with the winter house and the two wooden Christmas boxes sitting there in their undercoats, and the big box of acrylics/lumieres ready and waiting to be chosen - and if they aren't up to it I have another box of paints waiting in the wings.

Wings are a bit of a theme this week as the only finished item on my desk is the owl cushion I started last week.  He may only be small but he is quite cute with his button brown eyes and so quick to make - only a day from start to finish and that included printing of the pattern and playing with it to re-size.  He is a Christmas present for my Mother-in-law who asked for one after she saw mine - wish I had done him a bit bigger now but maybe he is a Little Owl, rather than a Tawny.

ON Sunday my eldest Grandson took part in his first ever Remembrance Day parade in Bristol city centre.  He joined the cadets earlier this year and only got his uniform sorted out a couple of weeks ago.
He was so excited to be involved and we were very, very proud of him.  Only 15 and 6ft tall, how did he get to get that big so fast?  Wish we could have been there to see it but a 3-4 hour journey was just a bit too far - maybe next year.

Well done George.

Wednesday 7 November 2012


Here's my desk on a very damp and dank Tuesday afternoon before I gave up and went to sit in front of the fire and watch a video so it hasn't been touched since.

As you can see, it's a sewing day today.  My M-in-L has asked for an owl cushion for her Christmas present so I got out the fabric box yesterday and sorted out some in her colour scheme.  The pattern I downloaded is not big enough so I have quartered it and extended the pieces to make another one out of newspaper.  A local gift shop is selling these cushions for £18 each - seems a bit steep to me but then I remember when you could get four Black Jacks for a penny (old style) ha ha.

I have shoved my altered book/journal on the the right of the desk so that I can share the page I made last week - wish I had done a double spread now but hey ho, such is life.

The wooden boxes at the back (arrived yesterday) will be painted and decorated as Christmas presents and two will go to my nieces with the traditional chocolate coins.  Not sure what I'm doing with the other two yet but at just over £2 each they were a bargain.

We got our campervan back last week, the leak has been fixed (hope I'm not jinxing it by saying that - typing with my fingers crossed ) and it's dry.  The company kept it for almost two weeks waiting for it to rain so they could check the repair worked.  Went for drive on Monday to Dunham Massey (NT) for a picnic and a walk, kicking leaves in the brilliant sun - you just cannot beat it but I wished I'd remembered my camera.

Sorrel loved it but wasn't as keen on the fireworks over the weekend, hid in a corner for three nights and is tired today.  Here she is after her morning nap yesterday.

'Who woke me up?'

Have a good Wednesday and pop over to Julia's place for a bit/lot of super-cool desk surfing.

Friday 2 November 2012

Three cards

Can't believe this is my third post in three days, or that I have actually made three more cards - I sometimes struggle making cards, much more fun to get the paints out.

First two use the same feather stamp (Clarity) stamped in Versamark on Clarity card but different approaches to adding colour.

This one uses a combination of Distress Inks and stamps from Crafty Individuals (bird) and Dylusions (words).

I used Pan Pastels over the Versamark on the next one.  Not used these on coated card before but I like the softer colour you get on the background.  Word stamp is a Stampers Anonymous highlighted with white pen.

Different approach to the next one as the background came from my box of bits.  Overstamped with a variety of stamps in yellowish tones of DIs and Brilliance.  I used my new Stampers Anonymous face as the main image.

The words are from one of the last plates from the sadly missed Simple Impressions, run by  Cath of Inky Fingers

Looking forward to tomorrow as it is our monthly craft club and I haven't been for a couple of months.  My bag is all packed and I have my ATC ready for the swap.

Not looking forward to the fireworks this weekend though, Sorrel hates them and spent all last 5th November weekend under the chair for three nights - wouldn't mind if it was just one night but it goes on, and on.  We bought a CD of firework noises and a DAP diffuser (supposed to help).  She totally ignores the CD when it is on but jumps a mile if a real one goes off.  Maybe it will rain all weekend and keep the noise down - or is that just me being a misery-guts.

Whatever y ou are doing, hope you have a good (and a quiet) weekend.

Thursday 1 November 2012

Memories of summer days, but winter's on its way

Made two things yesterday, one a card using a Crafty Individual stamp which has a definite summer feeling to it and the second 'thing' with more of a winter feel to it.

First, the card, which is for a friend's birthday coming up soon.

Think I may have gone a bit 'pearl' happy here as I used one of those pearl maker tubes (mine is from Waco) and it sort of took over.

Background papers are from a Tilda Winterbird collection and the stamper card was coloured with Distress Ink (what else) in Peacock Feathers.  One of the many things I love about DIs is the ability to remove colour with water so I stamped the ladies and then used a water-brush to 'bleach' their body parts and coloured with pencils.  Last task was to search my button box for matching colours which means tipping them all out on the table of course.

Pretty chilly here this week so I nipped to our local pork butcher on Tuesday (do other places have speciality pork only butchers I wonder) for a ham shank and some dried peas and soaked both overnight.

Doesn't look too appetising at first but after cooking the meat for 2 hours and then adding onion, peas, bay leaf , thyme and black pepper you simmer for another couple of hours and end up with this pan of scrumptiousness.

No colourings, no preservatives just honest stick-to-your-ribs food.  It was delicious last night

MrB has taken a container-full to his Mum's and the rest is in the freezer - yum.

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Something's a foot on my workdesk - WOYWW 178

Yes, I know puns are cringingly unfunny but I like them OK?  Anyway there is something a foot - it's at the end of my leg, and on it is my first ever sock.  It may be a bit baggy, and the tension a bit slack but I'm pretty pleased with it and it got better looking the more I did.  Also pleased that I was able to get my foot up on the table and balance long enough to take a photo without falling over.  Just hope I don't get in trouble with Julia for breaking the H&S rules but then she is a kind, generous soul who organises us every week in to this masooma desk hop so I think I may get away with it.

Shut up Ann and show them your desk.

Other things on there this week include a new stamp set by Stampers Anonymous (say's she who was supposed to be on a strict non-buying month but couldn't resist that face and face parts) alongside a Paperpag Studio stamp (not new), a few bought background papers and one I made yesterday with distress inks in a favourite colour combination.  The big stamp at bottom left is one I have had for a while by Provo-craft.  Looks like a big date stamp but it has alphabets on each rubber band.  Reminded of work when I use it but this is much, much more fun.

That's it for this week.  Need to get busy as I have at least three cards to make for the weekend, some knitting (one sock is no use now is it?) and I'm hoping the workshop ring to say they have fixed the leak in my campervan - they have had two goes at it but can't track down where it is getting in.  Replaced seals round the window and roof-light and kept it until it rained to check if that has sorted it - fingers crossed everybody.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Graphic 45 Asian heart - or I love Asian art

Can you believe it, two posts in two days, what is happening in the world.
Not sure about the answer to that but quite a lot happening on my desk at the moment as I have been playing with the Graphic 45 Birdsong papers I won last week.

Yesterday I showed the basic hearts as part of my 'tear-and-share' WOYWW post, today it's the finished article. Added quite a few bits and bobs, buttons, stick on hearts, Ideology frames and some more lovely Graphic 45 faux postage stamps,  Lots of fun making this and lots more paper left for project number 2.

(Garden's looking a bit sad at this time of year but there is a still a bit of colour.)

Back to the hanging hearts and here are close-ups of the individual hearts.

The blue one, complete with handmade rose dipped in UTE and a scrap butterfly.

The black one with handmade mitzhouki (?) knot and an alcohol coloured dragonfly.

The red one with another alcohol inked piece (the butterfly) and a rolled paper scroll.

So that's finished and my next project is a Christmas house - will take me a bit more than two days to complete that one though.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

WOYWW 177 and Mr Mojo is back

Lost him for a while back there but Mr Mojo is definitely back as you can see.

If you saw my previous post you will know that I won a set of Graphic 45 papers in a Facebook giveaway.  They arrived last week, putting the sock knitting on a bit of a back burner as I wanted to get started with them straight away.

The papers are on the right of my desk underneath the sock (just to show you I'm still cracking on despite struggling with a very poorly written pattern but I think I've turned the corner - as well as the heel -ha ha).

Centre stage is the project I'm working on with the papers using a set of heart shaped frames (think these were from Calico Crafts) that I have over-painted and covered with the beautiful eastern papers.  I have been going through my box of bits (top left) sorting out matching bits and bobs, buttons and charms, to decorate the front of the frames and ready to glue down.

Just peeping in at the top of the photo is a house blank gessoed ready to do a Christmas/winter theme.  I see Tim Holtz has brought out some white Christmas trees and wreath but his are expensive so I went to my local garden centre yesterday and bought two packs of different size trees (6 in total) for £3.50 (centre left).

So that's three projects on the go now - just as I like it.

Now for a quick trip round to Julia's place and a few more desks before breakfast.

Sunday 21 October 2012

Facebook candy - I won!

Last week I put a comment on the Facebook page of A sprinkle of Imagination as there was the chance to win a Graphic 45 collection of papers, and guess what - I won.

The papers arrived a couple of days later and here they are in all their glory.

Beautiful aren't they?  Now to make something with them.

Dug out this set of hanging fames yesterday and gave them an undercoat of Gesso before picking some papers and edging the frames in matching acrylic paints - as you can see I have more than a few types of paint from superstore match-pots, posher Fresco Finish and even posher Lumieres.  Decided on black, gold and copper and picked the papers to match.

Very much a work in progress at present but I did spend an hour in there this afternoon sticking papers on and deciding on some decorations.  If you want to see stage three then pop back later in the week.

Beautiful day today and very busy - tidying the garden, ironing and crafting now which do I like best.......

Enjoy the rest of your weekends.

Wednesday 17 October 2012


Quick visit this morning as Sorrel is waiting for her walk so here is my desk.

A bit bare as we have been away for the weekend and Sunday is my usual day for playing.  Still it was good to get out in the fresh air and a bit of sunshine (see previous post for a few pictures).

So what can we see, my ongoing sock knitting - very slow progress but I'm getting used to managing the needles now.  Also my 'moulding' drawer with polymer clay, moulding mats and various bits and pieces.  The roasting bag is to back the clay in (stops the fumes spreading) so when I get back I'm going to have a go at making some beads.

Here is a close-up of the knitting.

I like the colours but think I have left the rib a bit short - we live and learn.

Will be back later for a good old nosey round the rest of the desks via Julia's place

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Weekend on the Wirral

As the weather forecast was quite good for the weekend we took the campervan to a site on the Wirral.  For those who don't know the area it lies between the Mersey (Liverpool) and the Dee estuary (North Wales) and is the home, at Port Sunlight, of the best stamp show (Happy Stampers) in the north-west

One of our favourite places on the Wirral (apart from Post Sunlight) is Parkgate, a slightly weird place in that it was a port and is now totally silted up and instead of overlooking water you have views of the marsh and the estuary.

It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday and we enjoyed lunch overlooking the marsh and watching three herons being mobbed by seagulls.

I haven't been there at spring and autumn high-tides but believe it is very busy then as the tide drives the birds and the small mammals towards the land and the 'promenade' is full of twitchers.  What we did see was a weasel (or a stoat - I always get them mixed up), coming out of the grass carrying it's prey and crossing the footpath. Not on this stretch but on the footpath a little further north - here.

We were looking back to Parkgate and it just jumped on the wall right in front of me - didn't have the camera out then which was a pity.

We stayed on a perfect campsite at Thurstaston a little further up the coast on the cliffs above the beach - yes it was a proper beach this time.

This was taken on our Sunday morning walk looking over the estuary to the mountains of Wales.

Later on we drove up to West Kirby, hoping to walk round the marine lake but the tide was in.  The causeway runs right round and is covered at high tide but once the tide starts to fall  you can walk between the sea and the lake and from the shore look as though you are walking on water.

The tide fell as we walked back to the van so I took this photo of a woman walking round the lake - see what I mean about the optical illusion?

Raining again today (what a surprise) so I may just get out the stamps and have a play - see you on WOYWW tomorrow.

Friday 12 October 2012


Looks like my mojo is making a bit of a re-visit as I have been making a few cards.

I get bored very easily when doing cards, love making backgrounds but because of postage costs and the need to keep cards to one layer it is a bit restricting.  The answer - never making the same one twice, an easy task when you have zillions of different stamps and almost as many ink pads.

Here are a few I made this week.
Resist background on coated cardstock stamped with IndigoBlu and Artistic Stamper sewing theme stamps.
Think it needs a little something else - real buttons, or a bit of lace?

Mucky(grungy) distress inked background and a Paper Inspirations stamp I won on E-Bay.  Only ever won two things - the other was a pair of curtains - I prefer the stamp LOL.

And now for something completely different, Distress Inks from the Summer collection smooshed(?) on card  and spritzed with water (a favourite technique).  Stamp is from Crafty Individuals coloured with the same ink pads.

Last one is an Acey Deucy wood mounted stamp - Puccini's Muse.  Another favourite of mine (I have so many).  I tried to do a Brazen Brilliance background but have fogotten quite how to do these so I improvised.  Gloss card stock understamped ginko leaf with silver Brilliance, sponged combination on chalk inks (the russet colours) with Adirondack (Denim).  Have to come clean now as the Adirondack was a mistake.  That's what happens when you pick up a dirty sponge ha ha, still I like how this one has turned out.

Much nicer in real life as the metallic leaves show up better and the colours are a bit richer.

So that's me on the road again - off to hang out the washing now and then I may try the socks again - didn't know how hard it would be knitting on four needles, need a few more hands to hold them.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday 10 October 2012


Better late than never but better.......Won't bother finishing the quote, you know what I mean.
Didn't think I could join in with Julia's weekly massooma desk hop but I've just flung my current project on the desk and snapped a photo so here it is.

No progress yet, well I only bought the wool at the weekend taking my StepD to our local wool shop to escape the kids, dogs and general birthday chaos in our house on Saturday morning before returning for Mr B and Gson's joint birthday party.

Never knitted socks before so this is a bit of a challenge, the firt bit being to understand the instructions on the free pattern, talk about complicated!!!!  Still I'm a woman so capable of mastering anything so I'm sure I'll be OK when I get going - will share progress next week.

In the meantime, in true Blue Peter fashion (very old kid's TV programme for our friends from across the seas) 'here's one I prepared earlier....

Not knitting but stamping, what a surprise. A closer look at the pages I did for an on-line swap last week.

The Acey Duecy stamp on the right is my all-time favourite oriental stamp - wish my backview was like that, it was once, many moons ago boo hoo.

See you next week.

Wednesday 3 October 2012


It seems an age since I took part in the biggest desk hop run by the lovely Julia over at Stamping Ground - that's probably because it is.  Haven't blogged for over two weeks which is the longest I've gone since I started, not only that but I hadn't crafted for a month which is unheard of.

What with holidays, birthdays, new campervan (see previous post here) and a myriad other excuses the weeks have flown by.  Putting that to rights now and making some journal pages for a swap I'm in so my fingers are well and truly mucky - nice though.

Here is my, at long last, messy desk today.

Lots of Distress inks, stamps and other bits and bobs.  I have loads of different types of inks but I always go back to my DIs, my absolute favourites.  I have lots of crafting to do and need to catch up on belated birthday cards.  It is Mr B's birthday on Friday and I haven't got him a card yet - gave up on the hand-made ones as there are only so many ways you can use the limited number of 'man' stamps I have.

Family get-together this weekend with my StepD and family arriving from Bristol on Friday - means I will have to record Strictly - either that or send them all out while I snuggle down in my jim-jams with Brendan, Vincent, Artem etc.

Good to be back.

Monday 1 October 2012

My new toy.....

....and for once, it isn't craft related.

Picked up our new (to us) campervan (Auto-Sleepers Topaz) when we came back from Norfolk and spent the next week playing 'Wendy House' with it before taking it out for our first night away last Sunday.  Remember last Sunday - the night the storms started and it didn't stop raining for three days.  Talk about timing!  I was nice and snug inside while Mr B did all the practical stuff, emptying tanks and stowing cables before we left for home Monday morning.  Still, at least we know we will be warm enough when next we use it.

So with one thing and another I haven't done any crafting for weeks, not done any blogging for two weeks and not visited any blogs either - that had to change so on Saturday I got out my sewing machine and made a cushion for the van.

Printed of a photo, made a template and cut the material.  I know it isn't the same colour as the van, and I'm not sure about all that empty space above the applique but am quite please with it as a start and the word is my very first attempt at free-embroidery.

Not only that but I actually got out the inks and stamps this afternoon and had a little play so I'll be able to join in WOYWW again for the first time in weeks, so watch this space.

Saturday 15 September 2012

Back home....

..... and I'm well and truly kn##k#r#d (tired).  I love north Norfolk, so beautiful but it is a long, long way away from home.  Took us over 6 hours to get back yesterday mainly because of road works on the M62 and apart from two 10 minutes stops it was driving all the way.  Not complaining (well not fully) as we had a superb holiday and the weather was kind.  In fact this is where we were last Saturday -

Holkham beach.  Warm, sunny and so much space.  Car Park was packed out but we hardly saw a soul once we had made the 15 minute walk over to the dunes and the views are stunning.  Camped out for the afternoon and Sorrel was in her element (sand - not water which she hates) just lots of holes to dig and doggy friends to chase.  Sunday was very hot (28c) and the rest of the week dry apart from a couple of hours Wednesday evening.

Anyway, enough of the weather reports here is Mr B in our pretty cottage (barn conversion).

Lots of prints and original art work on the wall to make me envious and a snug woodburner to keep us warm at night.

Not going to bore you with all the photos but here's one I took in Holt woods.  almost stood on it as it was lying across the footpath.

Not a snake but a slow-worm which is a legless lizard and perfectly harmless (unless you are a beetle).
Have seen them before in StepD's garden in Bristol so I knew I didn't have to scream and run - beautiful creature and a protected animal because of falling numbers.

Took my knitting with me for it's holiday - didn't do any as we were so busy.  Nine hours sleep last night and I'm still tired - how come?

Will have to catch up with WOYWW last week and try to get some crafting done before next Wednesday.  Will share some more views later in the week.