Sunday 15 September 2013

A card for Emma

Made this card for my niece's birthday today - she loves green.  It is  version of the one we did at Vicky Stampers club meeting the other weekend, with Lindsey Mason.

The original had a glittery flower on but I wasn't keen on that so just added a sentiment bead lower down.  Can't remember where I got these from, but I have had them years and am speedily running out of my supplies. Always amazes me what can be done with a few pieces of white card, inks and a couple of stamps.

Wednesday 11 September 2013


Missed last week as we were away in sunny Lincolnshire, camping by the sea and what a week to chose, fantastic weather.
Back with a vengeance now, both to WOYWW courtesy of the fabulous Julia, and to crafting in general.

Can tell I'm back because I've been flashing the plastic a bit (?).

New Christmas stamp bottom right that I spotted in a craft shop that I just happened on, honest, while we were away.  Just above and to the left are three bottles of Dylusion spray ink, then a pack of metal leaves and to the left of the sprayed panel I am working on (yes I do actually do something with the stuff I buy) is a Crafty Individuals dragonfly stamp and three DI markers.

My other spray inks are in the wooden drawer and in the middle but there was a serious gap in my supplies, hence the three new ones.  Towards the top left of the general mess are the pieces I made at the Lindsey Mason workshop I went to on Saturday at our monthly stamp club (you can grab a closer look in my previous post below).

So that's the WOYWW bits done, if you want to see where I was last week then scroll down.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.....

Our little camp in the semi-shade.

What's Sorrel looking at?

This!  Early morning duck patrol, and they are on their way here...

Wildlife pond in the middle of our campsite - perfect.

Sunday 8 September 2013

Workshop with Lindsey Mason

It was our stamp club meeting yesterday and Lindsey Mason did a great class.  Not my usual style of stamps but I loved what she used and enjoyed myself getting my fingers a hundred shades of purple and blue (ink sprays).

We made a card background stamped first with white acrylic and then oversprayed.  The panel is on watercolour paper and I have just ordered the dragonfly stamp plate as I love it so much.

The second piece is a hanging.

Sprays again, stamped and then 'bleached' with a waterbrush before re-colouring the toadstools and fairy with Distress inks.  The toadstool stamp and leaves are Dylusions and the fairy and little mushrooms are Lavinia stamps.

Seems I'm back to full stamping strength as I cant wait to get my new stamps and get inky again.