Thursday 30 June 2011

Stressful few days - me and the dog

Poor soul is definately out of sorts after her op on Monday.  All the forums I read said the problem would be keeping your doggie quiet so as the owner of a very, very bubbly dog I was expecting to be kept on my toes.
Well I have been but not in the way I expected.  She has been very twitchy indeed, almost spooking herself suddenly getting up from her bed and running off into corners - assume it is when she feels a twinge despite the painkillers and that it will settle down after a few days but am ready to ring the vets tomorrow if it's no better. 
So, no crafting at all this week so here's a piccy of  one of the new stamps I bought at Happy Stampers in May - I know I shouldn't condone naughtiness but I have a sneaking admiration for this little girl.

...and here's a photo of my little girl when I brought her home on Monday.

Monday 27 June 2011

Stressful day

Took Sorrel for her spaying op today intending to do a bit of crafting while I waited for the phonecall to collect her.  Couldn't concentrate on anything and even ended up watching the tennis - not a sporty person at all. 
Expecting a call at 1:00pm but eventually rang up myself at 2:15 thinking all sorts of terrible things (why does the imagination always run riot?) and was told to collect her at 4:00.
At least she is home now, lying in her bed feeling very sorry for herself, and I don't blame her with that collar thing round her neck, may just have to ink it up and add a few bits to cheer her up LOL. Big question is do we put her in her crate as normal tonight or does she sleep in our bedroom???

Was going to get the acrylics out and finish my apron from Vicky Stampers, it's only half done and I need to get it done for the next meeting at the weekend so that's tomorrow's job.

We are all wearing the T-shirts we stamped up last time - here's the one I did.

Once I've finished the apron I'm going to stamp up a couple of tops for my Granddaughter Kitty so lots to do.

Saturday 25 June 2011

Configuration box

Today was one of those days where everything goes right - for once.  Had a brilliant time finishing my Configurations box and listening to/arguing with the radio - Any Answers really gets my goat sometimes.
Before I started to fill it up with goodies I got out the Brilliance inks and altered the look of the Tissue Tape as it looked to grungy for the subject.  I also altered and added a few bits of paper doilly to look like shelf liners and then spent an hour (can you believe that?) making a 1inch high hat box.
In pride of place the lovely dress-form that Jo gave me for my birthday - hope you don't mind me adding a little brilliance to the flowers Jo to help it tone in.
That's crafting done for the day - better get the dinner on (translated as - put the M&S ready meal in the oven) before DH gets home from walking the dog.

This is the finished article.

Jo's birthday gift.

The dreaded hat box .
Detail - the tape measure is a strip of paper.

Friday 24 June 2011

Spot the dog

Yes I know she is called Sorrel, not Spot but it was difficult to spot her on the beach when we holidayed in north Norfolk a short while ago.  Holiday was cut short because of family bereavement but we are already planning a return visit as it's a beautiful part of the UK.
No crafting today - Friday is cleaning day boo hoo- but I may just squeeze an hour in this afternoon if I try really hard, so I thought I would share a few photos of my puppy. 
She is going in for spaying on Monday so will definately have to craft then to take my mind of the little love.
Here she is in the sand-castle competion

and this is her morning constitutional.  If she sat down on the path she blended in perfectly.

Best of all was when we let her off the lead for the first time on the beach and she chased a seagull into the sea - boy can that dog run.

Thursday 23 June 2011

First photo

Sharing a piccy of the configuration box I'm working on.  Thought it would be easiest to do a sewing theme as I could think of lots of little bits to add.  The tissue tape only arrived at 15:00 today and I couldn't wait to add it to the box -nearly snatched the package out of the Postman's hand.
Used some background papers overlaid with printed tissue from 3DJean. Not a lot of stamping on this one but I was just too eager to get going on it. Colours haven't photographed true - it's more of a lilac than the reddish colour showing.

About me

Yeh -  managed to put in some info so onwards and upwards - photos are my next challenge

My first post

After months of deliberating about setting up a blog I've decided to take the plunge.  Can see this will have to be a very steep learning curve if I want to make a sucess of this - can't even upload info into 'About Me' at present - but I will have a go.  Have just been working on my Tim Holtz Configurations box which has been sitting on my table for some time.  It's all papered up now so 'all' I have to do is fill it.  Will let you see the half-way stage as soon as I can figure out how to post photos. to press the 'Publish Post' button