Wednesday 22 May 2013

Whats on your Workspace Wednesday - 207

Bit late today - 6 weeks late to be exact.  Completley lost my Mojo and crafting has taken a back seat to other issues, bereavements, bad back, broken tooth, holiday and just yesterday, a broken washing machine.

In an attempt to give myself a kick-start I got out some background papers yesterday and my art journal so that's more or less all that is on my desk this week.

Oh, and some rolls of washi tape brought over from Japan by an Aunt's Japanese daughter-in-law - Kinuko.  She came for dinner on Sunday and joined the monthly lunch circle - Andy's Mum, his two Aunts ( one only recently widowed) so we went out for lunch.  Had to use the campervan as well as the car as couldn't get all 6 in the car.  Kinuko also brought me a cute little box containing two pottery chopstick stands and it was wrapped in waxed paper bag (above) so that will be saved and used in craft.

Another reason for going out - my birthday last Friday and here are some of the lovely handmade cards I got from friends (including the lovely Neet of Hickydorums).

Lastly here are Andy and Sorrel outside our campervan last week.  We went to Northumberland, a stunningly beautiful part of England, our first visit but not our last for sure.

My loss of mojo has also meant I haven't visited many of your blogs for a few weeks, hope to put that right today, once I'm back from the dentist's, starting with Julia's.  Hope to see you all next week with something positive to show.

Sunday 19 May 2013

I'm back

Cant believe it is over a month since I blogged but life takes over sometimes.  Back now, only hope my Mojo returns as well.  It's on it's way back as I actually made something yesterday - the first bit of crafting since my last blog entry a month ago, so I'll share the photos of that tomorrow.

Lots of things happening recently to keep me off here but I wont bore you with the details.  What I will bore you with are a few holiday photos as we spent last week up in the North East visiting first Haltwhistle near Hadrian's Wall where the weather was a bit wild, wet and windy, before moving on and up to the coast between Craster and Beadnell Bay.  A stunningly beautiful part of England and one we had not visited before.  Will be back soon though as despite the mixed weather we loved exploring the area.

So here are the photos: -

Sorrel up on the wall, guarding the Roman Empire.

Beach near campsite taken on Tuesday afternoon.  There were a few people there as well we didnt have the place solely to ourselves even if it looks that way.

Looking back from the beach car park to Dunstanburgh Castle.  Couldn't believe how many there were on this stretch of coastline, all to keep out the marauding Scots.

Last but not least, Beadnell Harbour.

We also went across the causeway to Holy Island on Wednesday but it rained solid from 8:00 to 16:00 then the sun came out and the beautiful blue skies you can see above.  What a country!