Wednesday 27 March 2013


Couldn't come out to play last week, Mr Mojo ran away and I searched high and low for him.  Gave up eventually but I hope to round him up this week otherwise I'm going to have to give away all my craft stuff (don't think so).

I have had a clear out though chucking loads (and loads) of paper, dried out ink-pads and other rubbish.  Thing is I have that much stuff that it overwhelms me at times, feel much better now I can see the floor.

The card on my desk uses an image I stamped and coloured (proMarkers) a while ago and in my clear up I found just the right scrap of inked paper to match.  The stamps are new(ish) ones - bought them at the Manchester show and still not used them.

Did manage to make a very grungy card last week, not sure everyone would like it but it pleases me, mainly because of the quote stamp - what do you think?

Off now in the great Mr Mojo hunt, going to start at Julia's place and then visit as many desks as I can this week to make up for all the ones I didn't see last Wednesday.  Sorry if you visited and left a comment in the past week but I promise to do better this time.

Thursday 21 March 2013

WOYW - Thursday

Took photo yesterday all ready to join the desk hop then forgot all about it, I know, how could I?  Well I would forget my own head if it wasn't screwed on - honest.  I would share the photo with you but I finished the deco pages I was working on so I'll show you those instead, plus a lovely gooey cake that my niece had for her 21st.

First the pages...

The theme is butterflies (how did you guess) and we do two pages and send them to the next person on the list in our group of 8.  This one is stamped on acetate and it's blinged up with some Stickles on the back of the acetate..

Same sprayed background paper on both but this one is stamped in bleach.

My niece (or Great-niece to be correct) loved her card, she is a very 'pink' young lady and we had a small family get-together last Sunday.  not sure how she stayed awake because she didn't get in until 5:00am that morning after a night of celebration with her pals in Liverpool - I didn't know places stayed open that late.

Took a few photos but none turned out that well but here is the cake for you, made by a work colleague of her Dad.

Friday 15 March 2013

....and not a stamp in sight.

Very unusual for me but I have just finished the card for my niece's 21st birthday card and didn't use a single stamp.  She is a very 'girlie' young woman, loves pink and I had run out of ideas (and had few suitable stamps that she hadn't seen before so out came the pretty papers, pearls, photos and die-cuts (another thing I forget I have) and here is the result.

I do like pink and green together - reminds me of apple-blossom.  Butterfly die was borrowed from a friend and I 'scattered' pearls around and added a couple of metal corners.  Found some peel-off borders at the back of the cupboard and edged the paper with them.

Here's the inside view.

Oops, just realised that I lied in the post title as I did use a stamp, one of Art From the Heart 'sentiments which seemed to suit Sophie down to the ground (or to the shoes).

She is getting a cheque to go with it and a gift bag full of sweets as a new sweet shop has opening in town and she likes 'Nerds' and 'Millions (whatever they are) so I got a load of those plus some other stuff I have never heard of.

Calling round tomorrow morning to wish her a very happy birthday then back to have a play in my journal and I can promise you that there will be lots, and lots of stamps involved in that - and no peel-offs.

Wednesday 13 March 2013


Missed last week (boo hoo) as my back was bad and I just couldn't craft in comfort so my house has been a craft-free, glue-free, stamp-free location for about two weeks now and I have withdrawal symptoms.

Can't keep it up because it is my niece's 21st birthday on Saturday and I really didn't want to send her a shop-bought card for this special birthday.  Luckily, feeling better today and spent half an hour sorting out what I'm going to do and getting my desk a bit busier.

Not what I wanted to do but this one is going to be mainly papers, butterflies and sparkly bits, plus a few photos of her as a little girl to keep it simple.  Had enough by the time I had done this so packed up at 3:30 yesterday and took the photo before my back told me I had done too much.  Happier now I've started and at least I have 3 clear days to finish it so that's OK.  (so simple is the idea that I even searched out my one remaining page of silver peel-offs and am going to use them to make a border - had to search really hard for this as it is years since I used any.

So that's my week/fortnight news.  Did manage to spy on a few desks last week but didn't leave many comments - hope to be able to do better this week, starting and Mama Julia's - see you over there.