Thursday 30 June 2011

Stressful few days - me and the dog

Poor soul is definately out of sorts after her op on Monday.  All the forums I read said the problem would be keeping your doggie quiet so as the owner of a very, very bubbly dog I was expecting to be kept on my toes.
Well I have been but not in the way I expected.  She has been very twitchy indeed, almost spooking herself suddenly getting up from her bed and running off into corners - assume it is when she feels a twinge despite the painkillers and that it will settle down after a few days but am ready to ring the vets tomorrow if it's no better. 
So, no crafting at all this week so here's a piccy of  one of the new stamps I bought at Happy Stampers in May - I know I shouldn't condone naughtiness but I have a sneaking admiration for this little girl.

...and here's a photo of my little girl when I brought her home on Monday.


hazel said...

Oh! Poor thing. I hope she starts feeling better soon. Lovely card, a great image.
xxx Hazel.

Chris said...

I don't 'do' cute very often but must admit that this image is adorable and your card is lovely. I hope Sorrel is starting to perk up now.

Have a lovely weekend
Chris x