Tuesday 16 October 2012

Weekend on the Wirral

As the weather forecast was quite good for the weekend we took the campervan to a site on the Wirral.  For those who don't know the area it lies between the Mersey (Liverpool) and the Dee estuary (North Wales) and is the home, at Port Sunlight, of the best stamp show (Happy Stampers) in the north-west

One of our favourite places on the Wirral (apart from Post Sunlight) is Parkgate, a slightly weird place in that it was a port and is now totally silted up and instead of overlooking water you have views of the marsh and the estuary.

It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday and we enjoyed lunch overlooking the marsh and watching three herons being mobbed by seagulls.

I haven't been there at spring and autumn high-tides but believe it is very busy then as the tide drives the birds and the small mammals towards the land and the 'promenade' is full of twitchers.  What we did see was a weasel (or a stoat - I always get them mixed up), coming out of the grass carrying it's prey and crossing the footpath. Not on this stretch but on the footpath a little further north - here.

We were looking back to Parkgate and it just jumped on the wall right in front of me - didn't have the camera out then which was a pity.

We stayed on a perfect campsite at Thurstaston a little further up the coast on the cliffs above the beach - yes it was a proper beach this time.

This was taken on our Sunday morning walk looking over the estuary to the mountains of Wales.

Later on we drove up to West Kirby, hoping to walk round the marine lake but the tide was in.  The causeway runs right round and is covered at high tide but once the tide starts to fall  you can walk between the sea and the lake and from the shore look as though you are walking on water.

The tide fell as we walked back to the van so I took this photo of a woman walking round the lake - see what I mean about the optical illusion?

Raining again today (what a surprise) so I may just get out the stamps and have a play - see you on WOYWW tomorrow.


Angie said...

Really enjoyed your post ...and that woman was definately walking on water lol xx

Twiglet said...

Sounds like a fab weekend. Lovely photos. x Jo

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Ann,

What a lovely day! I enjoy seeing the photos of places that I'll probably never get to see in person.


chrissie said...

Looks like a great placer to visit-thanks for sharing the photos Ann

Love Chrissie xx

JoZart Designs said...

wonderful pics of one of my favourite places. I've never managed to get there when it's a "neep" tide but I've heard how amazing it is to see the animals and birds rushing in with the sea.
Hope you had ice cream there... it's famous and rightly so but make sure it's from Nicholls! (there are 2 places)
I recommend Chantillys in Hoylake too for lunch... fantastic food and wonderful cakes..... see my blog post from last week.
Jo x

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, I love West Kirby but haven't been to Parkgate - one for the list. Looks brill x