Tuesday 19 February 2013

A Weekend away

Made the most of the lovely sunny weekend with a trip to Chirk just 9 miles south of Wrexham, staying on a Caravan Club site snuggled up to the edge of the National Trust property of Chirk Castle.
Fantastic site with walks from the front gate through woodland down to the canal and the Thomas Telford's aquaduct that carries the canal over the river valley, a striking sight as it runs by the railway bridge.

We walked over it on Sunday but I couldn't do too much walking as I hurt my foot getting of a bar stool on Saturday night - and no I didn't fall and had only one glass of wine, just twisted the ball of my foot and it hurt, a lot.
Managed a little walk to the gates of the castle but no way could I manage the trek up the hill, very pretty though.

Back to the canal on Monday in time to see a barge cross the canal and go through the tunnel.

Just at the side of the path back up to the road was a drift of snowdrops, obviously escapees from the garden the other side of the mesh fence - think mine must have drowned, hardly any this year and I do love them so.

Don't you just love it when you can smell Spring in the air?.


Cath Wilson said...

Yes, I do - and hear the sound of Spring, too - the quiet, almost eerie hush of nature coming back to life - my favourite time of year! My snowdrops haven't grown, either - think the ivy must have killed them off, along with all the rain... lovely to see some here, though. Lovely photos - hope your foot's better now x

Twiglet said...

Just about 45 mins from me then!!! Very chilly over here today. Cosy in my little craft room though. x Jo

tilly said...

My crocus have been up for 3 weeks and yesterday I had a lilac tulip open! how early is that? no snowdrops though!!.......I'm not far from you and think a visit to the castle may be on the cards if the sunshine stays to play

JoZart Designs said...

So pleased you enjoyed such a lovely time in the camper van and your photos show that! The weather, whilst crisply cold has been beautifully sunny for a few days and I love it. I have a few snowdrops out in our patch and I rescued a lovely deep pink, huge camellia flower head today that had plopped off the tree and it is in a saucer of water to enjoy a while.
love Jo x

cockney blonde said...

Ah those gates to the Castle are so pretty. We've seen many newly weds having their photos taken there in the past. Glad you had good weather too. I'm in love with Pembrokeshire, x

Alison Scott said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend (bar the painful foot!)
I'm just noticing the start of greening in the garden (Glasgow sems to be about a month behind england gardening wise) the daffs are growing well (about 3 to 4 inches high so next month for most of them).