Wednesday 27 March 2013


Couldn't come out to play last week, Mr Mojo ran away and I searched high and low for him.  Gave up eventually but I hope to round him up this week otherwise I'm going to have to give away all my craft stuff (don't think so).

I have had a clear out though chucking loads (and loads) of paper, dried out ink-pads and other rubbish.  Thing is I have that much stuff that it overwhelms me at times, feel much better now I can see the floor.

The card on my desk uses an image I stamped and coloured (proMarkers) a while ago and in my clear up I found just the right scrap of inked paper to match.  The stamps are new(ish) ones - bought them at the Manchester show and still not used them.

Did manage to make a very grungy card last week, not sure everyone would like it but it pleases me, mainly because of the quote stamp - what do you think?

Off now in the great Mr Mojo hunt, going to start at Julia's place and then visit as many desks as I can this week to make up for all the ones I didn't see last Wednesday.  Sorry if you visited and left a comment in the past week but I promise to do better this time.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Ann- ah not done my post but just peeking anyhow.. and yes love the card and great sentiment as you say... thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW better go do mine now love Shaz in Oz.x no number yet.

scrappymo! said...


Sue McDonald said...

Happy WOYWW Ann, hate it when we lose our Mojo but I'm sure a good snoop around a few desks may help find it!

Love the grunge card as you call it and I bet we all have some stamps that are uninked somewhere

Frankiesue #26

Neet said...

WEll, I like your card very much. Distress Inks and water spritzing/dripping?

Maybe all the work you did for the session at Vicky sapped your mojo and he went for a rest. Am sure he will be back sooner than soon.

Thanks for stoping by and Happy WOYWW/Easter to you and yours - Hugs, Neet xx 1

Spyder said...

Yep, my mojo has gone walk about, has to have something will getting up so early and going to bed so late! Desk looks busy though! Happy Easter for this weekend, Happy WOYWW!

((Lyn #10

Lynn Holland said...
Have a look what's even dancing in my garden Ann x

Words and Pictures said...

Oh yes, wonderful quote! And great to have cleared out some space for your own creative fairies to dance - I'm sure they'll come back soon... I've missed a few, but happy to be back (and with my mother in tow this time!)... Happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Redanne said...

Hi Ann, I totally understand about Mr Mojo, I keep having to drag him back too.... I think your card is lovely and that quote is great - maybe you could change it to read - leave room on your craft floor for the faeries to dance... I imagine we could all relate to that. Hope Mr Mojo returns soon. Have a happy Easter. Hugs, Anne x #33 (right next door again)

Cestina said...

That's a brilliant quote. Hope the fairies bring mojo back post-haste. Meanwhile hang on to your craft materials!

At least with my dolls houses there is always some mundane task to get on with if creativity goes walk-about for a while.

Helen said...

oh, that's gorgeous - and a lovely saying. I think I need a purge on my stuff too!! Helen, 12

Annie said...

I'm having a whiz around a few desks while my twinnies have their morning nap :-)It may depend how long they go down for as to how many I get to see this morning. :-)
I have loads of room in my garden for them to dance :-)
Have a great week.
Annie x #44

Heathers Inspiration said...

Great card, really arty x
Happy Easter WOYWW heather #86

Roudi said...

Oh don't worry about Mr. Mojo, he'll eventually show up where you least expect it!

Lovely card. The sentiment is perfect. :)

Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW for you.
Hugs from Egypt. xx
Roudi #102

ria gall said...

well done on your clear out we all need to do it from time to time.
I for one love your grungy card it is so pretty and love the soft colours used
Have a really great WOYWW day, and Happy Easter to you and yours
Ria #94

Anonymous said...

Mu mojo tends to be in overdrive - I have more ideas and more projects on the go than I have time to deliver on. Drives me MAD. But the few times I have been bereft of ideas, a nice mosey thru WOYWW land ALWAYS sort me out! Good luck and may inspiration strike!

MA (5)

susibee said...

Love the quote on the card:) I know what you mean about having a clear out - it does one good to do it every now and again and I think it helps with the mojo because you find all sorts of things you'd forgotten about!

Happy WOYWW Susi #74

Almo said...

Hi Ann nice to see you back this week. I like your card, is that the indigo blu butterfly? Mr mojo will turn up when you stop looking for him. Thanks for your visit. Hugs Mo x #62

Anonymous said...

Love the card you made. The sentiment and the techniques. The color combination is very pretty and I love the butterflies.

SandeeNC said...

Bad Mr. mojo for hding from you! I love the butterfly card! Thanks for visiting my desk today, waving hi from the hills of North carolina ♥

Anne said...

Hope you find Mr Mojo!!! Love the card and a great sentiment. Happy WOYWW Anne x #84

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Ann
It looks like mr Mojo cannot be too faraway by the look of the card, it is gorgeous. Have a good week
janet #16

cockney blonde said...

Ooo, if you find your Mr Mojo see if mine's tagging along with him, x

Unknown said...

You have certainly been busy. I like the butterfly stamp. Pretty for Spring. Glad to be back on WOYWW.

Pallavi said...

Love the stamped quote! Hope you get your mojo back after visiting everyone from Julia's..Happy WOYWW!

Ohhh Snap said...

Hope your mojo comes home quickly. Sounds like you've made a lot of room with the clear-out. Beautiful card and I love the sentiment. Thanks for visiting : D. #13

shazsilverwolf said...

Mr Mojo in hiding-where do they sneak off to? I think they have a secret holiday hideaway somewhere.Nevertheless, that butterfly piece is gorgeous- the quote is awesome, and I love your colour combo. The quote stamp needs to go in my collection, I think,can you tell me where it is from? Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #144 xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ann, I think you did the right thing by sorting and organising while Mr Mojo has taken himself off ... I get fed up with too much muddle around me too. And you did find that perfect scrap of inked paper to back the stamped image - that's got to be a bonus. Your card is lovely - like the blotchy inky background and the sentiment. It's only a small difference in the spelling but I always think that 'faeries' suggests beings very different from 'fairies' :) I wish you a happy Easter and an enjoyable weekend. Elizabeth x #45

Alison Scott said...

Ann, hope you found your missing Mr Mojo. The clear out might help.
I find when desk gets too messy I can't work. When I clear it I can work better.
I'm late this week as have been babysitting.


Hi Ann
I'm new to WOYWW and am slow at getting around to visit but I am enjoying looking in on others creative spaces like yours :o) Good for you having a clear out...I did the same a few years ago when Mo and Jo went on a holiday and by the time I finished they had come home in leaps and bounds so I am sure they shall be knocking on your door again soon :o). Your grungy butterfly card is lovely!!
Annette In Oz #132