Friday 14 March 2014

Double slider card

Just finished the double slider card I was working on at the beginning of the week so I'm sharing the photos.

This shows the card closed and flat on my desk with the top of the two tags that work the 'pop-up' visible at the top edge. (Just noticed that the charms hanging from the turquoise thread are turned the wrong way....oops!)

Just pull on the pink ribbons to slide out the tags and Voila!

The front panels pop up to show the inner, stamped pieces underneath and the stamped panels on the two tags (just visible) and the charms turned the right way this time.

Really enjoyed making this one as I haven't done any paper engineering for a while.  Thanks to Helen of The Craft Project for her YouTube tutorial and clear instructions.  Helen made her original card using Graphic 45 papers and has some wonderful examples on her blog - here.


cockney blonde said...

Fabulous Ann. Brilliant job, x

TwinkleToes2day said...

Popped in from Helen's blog (The Craft Project) and wanted to say I love your double slider card. I love Helen's tutorials too, she makes everything so clear & easy to follow :o) Mo

Unknown said...

Hi Ann - Great job! It is always a thrill to see my tutorials have worked!!! I love your interpretation. So pretty. I am going to share two other versions I made for a card class on Friday on my blog. Great colour combination and you definitely passed your paper engineering test!! ;-) Hugs Helen x

Nelle said...

Hi Ann, just wanted to say that this card is really nice, I have ideas already. I am going to pop over and follow the tutorial, thanks for sharing.
Nelle xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I had to come and check out the double slider card since I had no idea what one was. Well, then it is a double slider card.... Duh! I love it and I love it that you called it "paper engineering" because indeed that is what it is!