Friday 27 January 2012

Revisiting Kitty's Room

Well not the room exactly (yet) but the sign I made for my Gdaughter's new room.

Got the door-sign out last night to pack it as we are off to see them all in Bristol tomorrow and the more I looked at it the more I disliked it.  It just wasn't right, too bright, too pink (and too green) and a bit garish - see here - well that's what I thought so this afternoon I started again.  I decided to cover it with paper instead of paint and got out my stash including some I bought last month and found that the reverse of one gorgeous paper was a spotty soft pink.  The papers are Kaisercraft 'Bonjour' collection and I got them for the beautiful birds, butterflies and roses on the fronts not looking much at the reverse so how lucky was that.

So out came the scissors for some home-made decoupage, a bit of distress ink for the edges and the grungeboard letters.  I didn't have a 'y' or an 's' left so had to 'make' my own cobbling together a 'v' and the tail of a 'j' and a reverse 'z' but I'm pretty pleased with the result.  This is much more 'me' and I'm sure it is much more Kitty's Mum as well.

How come some days I can sit at my table and produce absolute rubbish (if I'm lucky - sometimes I produce zilch) and others I can go in, not know where I'm heading and get it right?

Busy day as it was Sorrel's bath-day and she is definitely an earth dog (well she is a terrier) and hates water - you should see her delicately picking her way around puddles - so it has taken her all afternoon to get over the shock and now I'm going to ruin her day completely and take her for a walk - in the rain.

Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't snow on Sunday when we are coming home - have told Mr B to pack a shovel, blankets and a hot water bottle just in case.  He thinks I'm joking - only in part.


Lynne Moncrieff said...

This is so lovely.
Any photos of Sorrel at bathtime?
Will keep my fingers crossed for you. I certainly don't want to see any snow or ice but they are saying it will be that :(

Von said...

Love the door hanging Ann :) I can well imagine you tring to bath a reluctant pooch lol
Have a good time in Bristol and hope the snow keeps off
Von xxx

JoZart Designs said...

Your door hanger has worked out beautifully Ann, after all your trials and turmoils over it! Hope your journey goes OK and the snow keeps off.
Love Jo x

hazel said...

A beautiful door hanger Ann.
I wish my two dogs would tip toe round puddles - they love water, the muddier the better.
xxx Hazel.

fairy thoughts said...

I have just looked back and you're right the sign is much better, very pretty.
My yorkie hates water too, she also tip toes around puddles but unlike sorrel will NOT go walkies in the rain... bless her and I must say I dont like it either