Monday 26 March 2012

Lucky to live near here

Yesterday afternoon we took Sorrel out for the second of her daily walks.  Although I live in what was a very industrialised part of the north-west of England (used to be able to count 7 factory chimneys from my garden and many coal mines) our little town is surrounded with beautiful countryside.  Just three minutes walk away from my front door we have the old railway line (thank you Dr Beeching for closing it) which leads through light woodland and farm fields to a local woods/park.
Here are some photos I took yesterday.

This is near the beginning of the path (Sorrel marching on in front in the hope of finding a squirrel to chase).  The trees that were on the right have been cleared in preparation for work on a guided bus-way to Manchester a folly in the making but it has opened out the views so some good has come out of it if only temporarily.  The woods in front were planted on an old mine spoil heap - much more beautiful now that 30 years ago.

We have reached the trees now, again with some cleared on the right to widen the path but more in the background and the sound of spotted woodpeckers ringing out, and the laugh of the green woodpecker as well.  Through the trees on the left are Lilford Woods and park, given to the town by a Victorian worthy (Lord Lilford I think).

Here we are in the woods proper with Sorrel caught in a shaft of sunlight - before she caught a whiff of something and dived off stage left chasing something.

Just as lovely today so we will be back out there later this afternoon.


Redanne said...

Hi Ann, you really do live in a beautiful spot, loving that picture of Sorrell - she looks like she is saying 'Cmon, keep up'. We are lucky too, to live in a village on the edge of the Peak District - no woodpeckers though but a heron and kingfisher for company.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann. Beautiful area to walk. Sorrell looks like she is having fun.
Fab photos. TFS.
Regards Florence xx

SandeeNC said...

a green woodpecker? I've never heard of that before, would LOVE to see a picture of one! Sorrel is a cutie pie and thanks for sharing your walk! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Ali H said...

Lovely photos - my friend & I enjoyed the sunshine with a walk at a local country park & a photo shoot thrown in ! Lots of fun shots to scrap ! Love Sorrel in the shaft of light - she looks almost like an "Angel Dog" lit in that way !!

May said...

Hi Ann, Wee Sorrel looks so lovely... Beautiful area to have on your doorstep... Hugs May x x x

Ephemera said...

Hi Ann you are indeed lucky to live close to the beautiful countryside. I too am fortunate to live very close to a large nature reserve that we had a lovely walk around on Sunday and also heard a Woodpecker LOL. As I've got older I really appreciate the countryside and would hate to live in a city. Love the picture of Sorrel with her golden glow. X

Unknown said...

Ann, Thank you for your suggestion. I will give it a try. I have missed seeing your blog. The bottle is beautiful and your pages great. Lovely countryside too. Sorrel does look like an angel dog, like someone said above.

Karen said...

Great photos, what a beautiful place to be able to go and have a walk, such pretty countryside. Sorrel looks like she is having a great time in the last picture :) Luv Karen xxx