Monday 19 March 2012

Mother's Day treats

I cooked Sunday lunch yesterday for MIL, Aunt-in-Law and her daughter-in-law, Kinuko who visits every year from Japan this time each year, leaving her British husband over there as his teaching job has limited leave.

If you saw the bead-doll brooch I showed a couple of posts ago it was for Kinuko and she loved it.  Here she is wearing her brooch with Sorrel keeping her company..

They all came bearing gifts so I was a very lucky girl, with flowers, wine, perfume and some beautiful presents from Japan, including this batch of antique kimono silk fabric, some of which is 100 years old.

Not only a beautiful present but wrapped in some gorgeous washi paper that you can see in the background.

The best present was this little crocheted fish, again wrapped in washi paper.

It was made by a woman who lost her home and all her belongings in the Tsunami last year and is part of a collective fund raising scheme for the people affected by the disaster.  The postcard explains all about the scheme and the reverse is signed by the maker - or so I'm told as it is all in Japanese.  I love it because it is bright and cheerful and is full of hope for a better future.  It is meant as a washing up aide but this is one fish that won't be going near water.


Redanne said...

Hi Ann, that kimono fabric looks gorgeous - might we see an altered book covered in one of these? You are right not to put the fish in water, far too nice for that. Lovely presents and great photo of Sorrell too.

Ephemera said...

What a lovely Mother's day for you, such gorgeous goodies, and the fish is such a lovely but thought provoking gift. Sorrel is such a cutie too. xx

Sherry said...

You were very lucky indeed - the kimono silk fabric looks amazing and the little fish is beautiful. Your guest is a beautiful lady and your brooch looks great - love your little dog too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gifts Ann, imagine vintage kimono silk, that is such a precious gift as is that little fish.
Sorrel is just so cute!!!

May said...

Beautiful silk fabric WOW!! the fish also! fabulous precious gifts, Hugs May x x x

Neet said...

What a wonderful array of gifts you got and how nice to see Kinuko now after hearing you talk of her to me.
Love how Sorrel is sitting up.
Hukgs, Neet x