Friday 22 June 2012

The owl went to sea - no pussycat though

Sewing day yesterday as I started on my doorstop owl.  I got a pattern from a website but it was too small and not quite what I wanted so I made it bigger, then made it fatter, changed the wings entirely, did the same with the face and beak so it looks more like what I wanted.
Here he is looking very odd at present as it seems he has one eye closed.  The material I'm using is at the top and the gold colour is for his eye area.

Think he is a little too fat as present but when he is stuffed that will round him out.  Have to work out how to cut a flat base for him to site on.  Tried yesterday to draw a pattern and failed to get my head round it so hope inspiration strikes me soon.  The other fabric in rich reds and golds is some I bought on Wednesday on the way back from a trip to Delamere Forest in Cheshire.  There is a great quilting shop just outside Frodsham so we diverted on the way home and I was spoiled for choice.

So that's the owl, what about the sea?  Well, earlier in the week I had the inks out as I'm in a journal page swap (2 pages per month to the next person on the list).  Posted on Tuesday and now they have arrived I can share them.
Backgrounds made with some Starburst Stains (remember them?), had them for years and keep forgetting about them.  Edged with Pan Pastels and overstamps with CI stamps.  The fish ones are a favourite by Fred Mullet.  I threw some salt over the wet ink but there must have been too much ink as it didn't draw the moisture as much as I wanted - still gave a lovely texture to the card though.

No dog walk this morning, it's not stopped raining since we got up and Sorrel refuses to go out in the wet so we are going to get out her favourite toys and have a bit of a play before I get the sewing machine out again.

Hope the weekend is better.


Annie said...

Love your sea pic. The colours and effects are just perfect.
Thats one cute little owl too. When you're working out the base for him to sit on always make it too big cos you can always make the seams a little bigger to make it fit and trim it off after. :-) Can you tell i've been cought out before? hehe
A x

chrissie said...

The pages are beautiful Ann and I love the owl. I have had one similar cut out and ready to sew for a long time but that's as far as it got lol. I feel inspired after seeing your

Love Chrissie xx

JoZart Designs said...

Love your journal pages Ann. Really striking and lovely use of colour. I look forward to seeing your owl too.
I must thank you so much for your lovely birthday card which is alphabetically first on my blog display of hand made gems! Hope to see you soon as I've got a little something for you from Germany as I never managed a birthday card for yours.
Love Jo x

Ephemera said...

Hi Ann, love your owl, and your journal pages are stunning, the muted colours are gorgeous. xx