Saturday 9 June 2012

Rain rain, go away..

...and it has, just.  Sorrel's complaining, well more like a big sulk, because she hasn't been able to get out for her usual two walks a day and the 48 hour rain we have had has just stopped so we went for a run down the old railway line.  I was more of a speed walker than a runner but she made up for my lack of speed.

Still no crafting but at least the eye's tons better so I may just get in there for the rest of the afternoon.
Meanwhile here are a few photos I took of my garden before the deluge started.

My 5 foot high poppies, before the rain and wind flattened them and blew all their petals off, good news is there are more buds to open.

A quiet corner and at least the rain makes everything in the garden shoot up - even the weeds.

Another tall plant that gets battered every year, my  6ft tall shrub rose, put in when we first moved here 25 years ago and going strong. Would love to tell you what it is called but I lost the label - doh!

My geranium border - posh aren't I?  Not really, the pink stuff seeds all over the place.  The blue came from my mother's and I remember it from when I was a little girl.

My garden is full of plants that remind me of my family, the peonies and lily-of-the-valley of my Grandparents, blue geraniums of my mother, the pink geraniums and my kerria japonica of my late elder brother and the whole garden of my father who helped me plan and plant it and taught me how to double-dig the new plot - happy memories.

Better go now before I start blubbing.

Back soon with some crafty stuff - I hope.


Annie said...

How lovely to live surrounded by so many lovely memories. I live in the house my family have lived in for well over 60 years so our garden is full of happy memories too.
A x

Redanne said...

Ann, your post today is so lovely, made me feel sad and happy all at the same time. How lovely to have such memories to look at every day and you clearly cherish them. Glad to hear your eye is improving. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Neesie said...

What a moving post today Anne,
I can relate to everything you say because I too remember family members, who are no longer here with particular plants that they loved or grew in their gardens. For example I can't look at a rose without thinking of my Nan. Her garden was a rose garden which both looked and knocked your socks off with its perfume.
You have a wonderful garden with all your family close to hand...I know it can be upsetting but it's also comforting too. :D

May said...

How lovely Anne to have a garden full of lovely memories..The garden is looking beautiful I must say! so glad to hear your eye is on the mend I've missed your fab makes..Happy Sunday.. Hugs May x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne. Your garden looks beautiful. So lush and green. I am so envious of all the plants you can grow. The giant poppies look amazing. Isn't it funny how flowers and their smells are a reminder of childhood days. I have a white pompom viburnum and it always reminds me of my Dad. He used to tell me they were snowballs when I was little :) Feel free to send some rain our way. Rushing around watering at the moment trying to keep everything alive. Lovely post. TFS.
Regards Florence xx