Wednesday 13 March 2013


Missed last week (boo hoo) as my back was bad and I just couldn't craft in comfort so my house has been a craft-free, glue-free, stamp-free location for about two weeks now and I have withdrawal symptoms.

Can't keep it up because it is my niece's 21st birthday on Saturday and I really didn't want to send her a shop-bought card for this special birthday.  Luckily, feeling better today and spent half an hour sorting out what I'm going to do and getting my desk a bit busier.

Not what I wanted to do but this one is going to be mainly papers, butterflies and sparkly bits, plus a few photos of her as a little girl to keep it simple.  Had enough by the time I had done this so packed up at 3:30 yesterday and took the photo before my back told me I had done too much.  Happier now I've started and at least I have 3 clear days to finish it so that's OK.  (so simple is the idea that I even searched out my one remaining page of silver peel-offs and am going to use them to make a border - had to search really hard for this as it is years since I used any.

So that's my week/fortnight news.  Did manage to spy on a few desks last week but didn't leave many comments - hope to be able to do better this week, starting and Mama Julia's - see you over there.


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Ann,

Oh, I hope your back gets to feeling better soon. I'm glad you were able to get started on the birthday card. How clever to think of adding some photos from when your niece was a child!


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo there Ann ah so glad to see you are out about amongst us did miss you :D

ah a 21st birthday card very very special.. look forward to seeing how it goes!!

- and you know I think peel offs are just great very versatile sometimes crafters are bit snobby about them with all the distressing they get distressed the thought of them as old hat :D ok just my opinion..

happy WOYWW Julia's not up yet after all we are in Oz over here and way ahead of you up there, love Shaz in oz.x

okienurse said...

glad to hear you back is a bit better. I have had this snotty cold/flu all week and to craft meant to drip on everything. I guess I could have plugged the nostrils as one girl showed us she did a while back...nah think not! 21 is a good year. Have fun making the card! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Vickie #1

sara j said...

so sorry to hear you are having back problems...that is zero fun. But glad you were well enough to at least get some time in. I'm sure your niece will love the card...hope you get to feeling better soon.
sara j#27

fairy thoughts said...

papers, butterflies and sparkly bits.... what else do you need :)
It's looking good I think a lot of us out grew peel offs a while ago but they do still have their place on occasions dont they?
hope your back holds out so you finish it in time
janet #19

Lynn Holland said...

I know what you mean about the back screaming at you I'm having the same problem here after leaning over the sewing machine to long. Keep well Ann and I hope you get our card finished.
Lynn x

jill said...

I feel your pain ann as i suffer with my back daily . Hope you feel better soon . happy woyww Jill #30

Redanne said...

Hi Ann, so sorry to hear that your back has flared up again but it was good that you rested it. Hope you get the card finished without causing you more pain. Take care! Gentle Hugs, Anne x #23

Annie said...

Nothing worse than a bad back is there? Really hope yours improves very soon so you can enjoy your crafting.
A x # 44

JoZart Designs said...

It must have been bad for you to stop crafting a while and hope you're much better by now.
your 21st card for your niece will be a gem, I'm sure and your desk looks like it's catching up for lost time,
Love jo x

Helen said...

Backs are such a nuisance, hope you get better soon! The card is bound to be gorgeous, from what we can see, hope she enjoys her day. Helen, 11

Neet said...

Oh Ann, I hope it wasn't the workshop you did that set your back off. Glad it is feeling much better but it obviously still isn't right. I could put ;you in touch with a brilliant osteopath (but expensive).
Nice to see the Cuttlebug on your desk, and those numbers. I bet it is rather special when you have it finished and I look forward to you showing us.
Hugs, Neet xx 16

Heathers Inspiration said...

Love all your different elements for the card you are creating :)
Sorry to read that you had been in pain, hope that time and rest have soothed this x
Happy WOYWW Heather #46

maureenjscott said...

Hope you're feeling much better soon and back to crafting as normal! I'm sure your neice will love her card!! Mo xxx #63

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, I love all the constituent parts so the card is going to end up being completely gorgeous!! Sorry to hear your back has been bad....hope it's on the mend now....
Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

ria gall said...

sorry to hear your back is still playing up I feel your pain as I have problems in that area.
Good on you for being headstrong and making this card. It is good that you listened to your back and stopped but as you say you have another three days.
Be good to yourself and I look forward to seeing the finished card which I am sure she will love
Ria 60

Krisha said...

With all the lovely things on your desk the card is sure to be amazing. Do hopw you get to feeling better.
Krisha #97

Twiglet said...

Bad backs are a misery - hope yours is soon better. x Jo

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous butterfly and roses.

lisa said...

Sorry to hear you are suffering, Ann. Having a bad back is no fun at all. I hope it feels better soon.
Your 21st card is looking as though it's going to be very pretty and girly. Hope you share it with us when it's finished.
Hugs Lisax #59

Laura said...

You have the makings of a fab card there.
Hope you're back is better soon

Caro said...

Sorry to hear that your back has been bad, and I hope it fully recovers very soon. I look forward to seeing the finished card. Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy WOYWW. Caro x #61

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Ann, poor you, a bad back is relentless isn't it - there's just nowhere to put yourself that's comfortable. I wish you ease and warmth and speed in it's recovery. Meanwhile, it would take me 4 days to make that special card anyway, so am super impressed that you are making yourself be up to it. She'll love it.

cockney blonde said...

Sorry your back's been playing up for so long, not much fun. However, glad to hear it seems to be improving. Take care, x

Marit said...

I hope your back is feeling good, and yes - nieces deserve special cards! Love what I see here. Happy, belated, woyww. Marit #79