Saturday 29 October 2011

Cuter when scruffy?

Sorrel went to the groomers Thursday as she was getting a bit too scruffy.  Now I like a scruffy dog - shows they have fun on their walks - but when her hair starts to get in her eyes and she comes back from her walk covered in mud (she is a low-slung dog ha ha) and decides to rub it off on the sides of my sofa then it is time for a cut.

Here she is before the groomers; a very shaggy dog.....

..... and here she is all clean and tidy.

Looks like a different dog - maybe they swapped her when I wasn't looking.
Now she wont stay like that for long, surprised she has managed to keep clean for a full day.  She only needs a woodland walk, meet a doggy pal and roll over on her back and she is filthy - but still gorgeous.

I'm off out now to the charity shop - need a book to read and may get one to alter as well - mmm inky fingers and messy paints, don't you just love it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann. Now doesn't Sorrel look beautiful! Hope you find a good read.
Regards Florence x

Jennibellie said...

Haha I'm still agog at the transformation! My word I wish anyone could get mine that super clean, it's someone against physics to do so. But either way you uber cute dog will be gorgeous either way :) x

Unknown said...

What a cutie with her new hair cut!

cockney blonde said...

Top Picture : Adorable
Bottom Picture : Cheeky

Love them both, x

Cath Wilson said...

MUCH cuter with longer hair, Ann but I sympathise. My dog was blessed with waterproof hair and just needed a quick rub down to get rid of all the muck! When I did bath him, there was never any dirt, which always amazed me... he still had smelly paws, though, lol. Lovely doggy. If you need some books, I can give you a couple - I've sent loads to the charity shop, although I'm not reading quite as fast at the moment. Let me know what you like reading x

Ephemera said...

Aaah she is such a cutie, looks adorable in both photos and very very cheeky. My cavalier, Dylan is 11 now and is very scruffy and naughty with a bit to much attitude sometimes LOL. XX