Thursday 13 October 2011

Is it just me or....

....does this handsome man look like he is sitting on the loo, and not only that, having a bit of trouble as well?

Miserable day here yesterday but we took the weather forecasters at their word (said it would brighten up quickly) and went to Dunham Massey (National Trust) in Cheshire.  They were wrong! It didn't stop and we got a bit damp. Still, the wood sculpture was worth the walk as was this knarrled old root (no not Mr B).

Sorrel enjoyed herself, well she liked the walk and the smells (again, not Mr B) but she isn't keen on getting wet.

We did manage to see a couple of deer but the majority were hidden in the bracken, not that I was too bothered as the thought of confronting a stag at this time of year is a bit off-putting, this little beauty though was rather sweet.

Not in very much of an arty mood at present so after a morning's ironing (winter clothes out of summer storage in the loft) I'm going to tuck myself in the conservatory and read this afternoon.

Will save the arty inspiration for Sunday when I am going to the Paperartsy weekend in Warrington (well one day was all I could afford, money and time-wise) for a workshop day.  First time so I'm looking forward to it.


Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, lucky you. When we went, Stumpy was behind barbed wire, so we couldn't get any interesting photos of him. We did see lots of deer, though, but to be honest, were totally underwhelmed by it and expected more... maybe we're spoiled with all the wildlife places we go to. Much nicer weather round here, too, lol - you went to the wrong place x

Angie said...

Love your photos ..great feel to them. Have a great day at the workshop.

cockney blonde said...

Trust you to sink your comments into the gutter. An old boy on the loo indeed, lol. Glad you enjoyed your walk even if it was a bit damp, x