Wednesday 5 October 2011

Whats on Your Workspace Wednesday 122

Bit of a change weather-wise from last week's beautiful warm, sunny days.  Toyed with the idea of turning on the central heating last night but they make them tough here in Lancashire and were my brother still with us he would say I was nesh, mardy, or a bit soft.  I had two brothers, both sadly deceased and much missed, not least because they both spoke with a broad Lancashire accent with lots of dialect words - Mr B who is a Mancunian, couldn't understand half of what they said when he first met them..  How many of you out there in blog-land know what I mean by clempt, brasting, nowt, mizzle?  Sad that so many of the local dialects are no longer to be heard.

Anyway, enough of me rabbiting on, you didn't come here for a linguistics lecture, you came for a look at my work-desk this week and here it is.

Not much actual work going on but lots of things to join my 'to do' list.  As you can see I had a bit (?) of a spend at the weekend.  Went to a craft show with firm intentions not to spend a lot but I can't resist a bargain. The tissue tape was a bargain at £6.90 and the Distress stains were a bargain (sense a theme here?) so I gave in to temptation and bought a few.  Couldn't resist the Graphic 45 steampunk book, not a bargain but I loved the colours - yet some more paper to add to my growing pile of strokeables.

I also got a couple of inkpads (bargain), a few packets of charms/frames - must be a bargain as there are 8 in each pack for £1.45.  The pretty dragonfly one wasn't that much of a bargain as you only got one but I had to have it.

My favourite purchase, and the pride of my desk, a lovely old printers tray.  Nearly didn't get it, in fact I left the craft fair without it as I couldn't make up my mind, got home, decided I wanted it and rang a friend who was still there to ask her to buy it for me.  Now 'all' I have to do is decided what on earth I'm going to do with it.

Same goes for the long wooden pointy thing you can see resting on the printers tray.  It is a spindle given to me by Neet (Hickeydorums) on Saturday as a challenge - well it's certainly that.  I have to alter it for the next workshop in November but first I have to pull some ideas together.  I'm reluctant to alter it too much as it is a poignant reminder of the now defunct Lancashire cotton industry and as both my father and grandfather were cotton spinners it has sentimental links for me.

What else is on my desk -  another house-blank just like the one I did on Saturday, a few bits of lace and bottom of the picture the blue pincushion Jozart showed us how to make, only mine looks more like an atomic mushroom billowing out of it's base.  Will have to trim it down and have another go - but another of Jozart's brilliant ideas.

Lastly I just had to share these leaves - also leftover from my house.  They are quite big and were a plain beige until I attacked them with the Alcohol inks.  Surprisingly they didn't crumble under my manic pounding and turned out OK, just have to find the right project for them - house number 2???

So that's my desk today and now I'm flying over the bloggersphere to Julia's blog to see what the other WOYWWers are up to this week - why don't you join me?


Sarah said...

Now that's some stash to be diving into's always a bargain if you'll use and enjoy it!
Thanks for the peek! Sarah at 11

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh wow, bargains or not, you got some lovely shopping..even at 6.90 I think the tissue tape is really a horrible price! I know mizzle and nowt, but the others I haven't heard. DD just this week had a lesson about use of dialects (Communications) - she was fascinated.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I know exactly what nesh, mardy, nowt and mizzle are, having lived in Northumberland for many years! I still use them now :) My favourites from Newcastle included bait (food), spelk (skinny) and clart (muck). I'm from Wales originally and love the use of 'tidy' for a bloke who's well, you know, fit!! Hugs, LLJ xx

jude said...

Wow love all your new crafty stuff the trays i adore .Plus love the item neet gave you to alter oh have few ideas if it is to do with cotton you could use that with t/h die the bodice and make sort of a doll but with the cotton sewing theme in mind.Thanks for answering my question is blue indigo a website?soz not heard that
Have fab wedensday and a creative week .Pop by as i have candy on offer until 26th
hugs Judex9

cockney blonde said...

Ha Ha Ha, got a spindle thingy too. That will teach you to mock others....Goodness knows what I'm going to do with it apart from something rude!!! Apparently that's not allowed... I have a couple of ideas but no doubt will change my mind once I set to seriously, x

Anonymous said...

Lovely desk with great new stash. I know mardy, nowt and mizzle being a Wearsider from Durham as we use those words too, and my husband to be had the same trouble with my uncles when he first met them, as your husband did with your brothers! I feel for you with the cotton spinner as I have Lancashire heritage from the cotton industry too and the family historian in me says preserve it!

Brenda 67

fairyrocks said...

Canadian here, but my Grandfather spoke with a heavy Italian accent. Most people had a tough time understanding him too.
Love a good bargain shopping spree. The spindle is beautiful as is. Perhaps you could tie things on and not really alter the base?, it does have wonderful ridges to hook things to. Happy creating to you!!!

Mrs A. said...

Had a smile whilst reading your post and that is what its all about. You really are a dedicated shopper/crafter getting your friend to buy it up for you after you'd left. Good thinking! Hugs Mrs A.

dianneo said...

Good thing your friend was still at the show. I try to ask myself "will I regret not picking this up now?" when I come across a find like that.

Unknown said...

Your desk today cracked me up, but you had a lot to say!! Sounds like you got lots of good bargains to play with.

Spyder said...

There's nowt so mizzle than a brasting clempt! I have no idea what I just said, hope it wasn't rude! Lovely crafty things on your desk this week!
Happy WOYWW!!

JoZart Designs said...

So much going on there to keep you busy. You did well at Leigh for bargains. I didn't buy much but had a good time.
Now you've won some blog candy on Cath's so well done!
Love jo x

Elizabeth said...

That's a great haul on your desk ... the dragonfly is fab and so is the printer's tray but the house box is my favourite. I'm desperate to source one but the couple of recommendations I've had so far have turned up nothing ... ah well, back on the trail :) I love your autumn leaves. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #75

Unknown said...

Those leaves are lovely. I understand the Lanky twang as my mum was broad Lancashire and I lived in Burnley for 9 years as a child. My ancestors also worked in the mills. I still have fabric my Nana wove. That printer tray is fab.
Have fun